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Gear Industry Suppliers—A to Z

The following companies have Premium Listings on geartechnology.com. For more information about any of the companies listed, please click on the company name.

When it comes to thermal processing equipment, AFC-Holcroft has one of the most diversified product lines in the heat treat equipment industry. We are fully equipped to design, manufacture, ship, install, and service all types of custom and standard heat treat systems. We've been making high quality thermal processing equpiment since 1916. Find out why some of the best-known names in manufacturing trust AFC-Holcroft equipment for their production. ISO 9001:2008 certified. Read more Or visit www.afc-holcroft.com

Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic
Ajax TOCCO induction heat treating systems are being used successfully throughout the world for hardening, annealing, stress relieving, tempering, brazing, bonding, shrink fitting, and many other processes requiring fast, efficient, economical heating. These processes are being applied to virtually any shape of part ranging in size from fractions of an inch to substantial lengths and diameters. With more than 90 years of technical development and experience, Ajax TOCCO analyzes customer’s requirements to provide reliable, efficient, and cost effective solutions to meet their needs. Read more Or visit www.ajaxtocco.com

ALD Thermal Treatment, Inc.
ALD Thermal Treatment is the premier source for vacuum heat treatment services to the precision manufactured component segment. Our success in providing precision components with minimal geometric changes and superior quality - drives our desire to bring vacuum processing (LPC) with high pressure gas quench (HPGQ) to the manufacturing community. Read more Or visit www.aldtt.net

All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
All Metals & Forge produces rings, flanges, gear blanks, single and double hubs, trunnions, bevel gear blanks, couplings, seamless rolled rings, rims, center hubs, sleeves, gear blanks, discs (pancake forgings), pinion shafts, step-downs, spindles, rack forgings in gear quality carbon and alloy steels with through-hardening, carburizing and bearing quality grades with forged-in steps to save on machining. Shafts are available up to 45-feet-long and 50,000 pounds and the company can produce part weights from under 100 pounds to more than 30 tons for the gear industry. Read more Or visit www.steelforge.com

American Chemical Technologies, Inc.
Manufacturer of New Technology, High Performance gear fluids utilizing PAG base chemistry. Provide extended gear and fluid life, without producing sludges or varnishes. Read more Or visit www.americanchemtech.com

Applied Process
Applied Process is a world leader in austempering technology. Read more Or visit www.appliedprocess.com

Barber-Colman, Div of Bourn & Koch
Bourn & Koch designs and builds new machines for hobbing, grinding, turning and shaping. We also provide parts and service for legacy machine tool products, including Barber-Colman, Fellows and many others. Read more Or visit www.bourn-koch.com

Bourn & Koch Inc.
Established in 1974, Bourn & Koch Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial machine tools for a wide variety of industries. Bourn & Koch Inc. expanded in the new machine market by purchasing Barber-Colman Machine Tool Division in 1985, by purchasing Fellows and Roto-Technology in 2002, and by purchasing DeVlieg Bullard in 2004. Read more Or visit www.bourn-koch.com

Broach Masters / Universal Gear Co.
Manufacturer of Broaches, Disc Shapers, Disc Shaper Cutters, Shank Shapers, Shank Shaper Cutters, Gear Shaper Cutters, Spline Broaches, Master Gears, Spline Gages, Spline Gauges, Fine Pitch, Serration. Made in USA. Read more Or visit www.broachmasters.com

Capital Tool Industries
CTI is a long established company producing quality Gear Cutting Tools. We specialize in the manufacture of Gear Hobs, Worm Gear Hobs, Involute Gear Cutters, Gear Shaper Cutters, Gear Shaving Cutters & all types of Milling Cutters. Read more Or visit www.capital-tool.com

Comtorgage Corporation
Comtorgage Corporation manufactures a variety of hand-held, indicating gages (analog or digital) designed and built to measure various characteristics of machined, molded, forged, and pressed parts. Comtorgages are intended for use on the shop floor, or in the lab, wherever there is a requirement for frequent, and accurate monitoring of specific dimensions, with or without data collection. Read more Or visit www.comtorgage.com

DTR Corp. (formerly Dragon Precision Tools)
DTR offers a complete line of coarse pitch to fine pitch hobs including involute, worm, chain sprocket, timing pulley, serration, parallel spline or special tooth shape, shaper cutters and milling cutters for auto, aerospace, wind, mining, construction and other industrial gear cutting applications. Read more Or visit www.dragon.co.kr

ECM Technologies started manufacturing heat-treatment furnaces in 1928. Since that time, ECM personnel have always been completely committed to extending their knowledge in the field of temperature control, high pressures, vacuum and the behavior of materials. This expertise, on an industrial scale, has always been enriched by our close partnership with furnace users, engineers, heat treat engineers and developers. Today, our knowledge base is at the core of all our customers' production lines. It is this concern for caring and listening, combined with our passion for our profession, which has forged ECM Technology and ECM USA’s recognized spirit of innovation. Read more Or visit www.ecm-usa.com

Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc.
The JUNKER Group is a global leader in the market for high-speed CBN grinding machines. Since 50 years the JUNKER group has been driven by the belief in the constant improvement of grinding solutions. From individual machines to complete production lines, we offer solutions to suit our customers’ needs in nearly every area of precision grinding. We have the right machine for any grinding task: Double disc grinding machines, hard turning/grinding machines, profile grinding machines, flute grinding machines, cylindrical grinding machines, cutting tool grinding machines, tool grinding machines, centerless grinding machines, non-circular grinding machines. Moreover, JUNKER boasts comprehensive references for the engineering and implementation of production lines as well as for the development of customized grinding machines, specially tailored to customers’ grinding needs. Read more Or visit www.junker-group.com

ESGI Tools Pvt. Ltd.
We introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer & Exporters of gear cutting tools, including hobs, shaper cutters, shaving cutters, rack milling cutters, Coniflex bevel gear cutters, shaving cutters and master gears. Read more Or visit www.esgitools.com

Excel Gear
EXCEL-LENT gear design software can optimize rack and pinion, spur, helical, internal, external, and circular pitch gears in English or metric units. Our gear/gear box design software quickly determines product parameters for various applications saving HUNDREDS of engineering hours. Read more Or visit www.excelgear.com

Fellows Machine Tools
We long have been known for manufacturing new hobbing horizontal hobbing machines under our Bourn & Koch name. We also build new Fellows Gear Shapers, Motch Vertical Turning machines, Springfield Vertical OD/ID Grinding machines, and Blanchard Rotary Grinding Machines. Read more Or visit www.bourn-koch.com

Gears extend across all industries. Forkardt, for many years, has provided workholding solutions to the gear industry. Applications we have designed workholding for in the gear industry are hard turning, grinding, and creation of pin plate for holding bevel gears Read more Or visit www.forkardt.us

Framo Morat, Inc.
Your idea - Our drive Framo Morat has been producing gears, worm gear sets, and drive solutions for over 100 years. Originating in the "Gear Valley" area of the Black Forest region, they are proudly "Made in Germany". In addition to our standard product lines, we design and implement a wide variety of custom plastic injection molded technical parts and customized drive solutions. Our comprehensive product range covers a broad range of applications. Founding Framo Morat, Inc. in the US is a major milestone as we feel being close to our customers is important. Our company‘s commitment to service includes everything from development and design engineering, to production, installation, and after-sales support. We are your reliable and experienced partner for each stage. Read more Or visit www.framo-morat.com

Frenco GmbH
FRENCO GmbH was founded in 1978 and has since then been engaged in the special field of gear and spline metrology. Most of today’s gears and splines are precision items, for whose production both know-how and special tools with very tight tolerances are required. In order to inspect the manufactured workpieces, companies need even more accurate measuring and inspection equipment. FRENCO has committed itself to this challenge. Read more Or visit www.frenco.de

The Gear Research Centre (FZG) is an integral part of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Technische Universität München in Germany. Founded in 1951 by Prof. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Gustav Niemann, FZG now occupies a leading position in research, development and standardisation as the international competence centre for issues concerning mechanical drive technology. Since 2011 the institute is being led by Prof. Dr.-Ing. K. Stahl, following his precedessor Prof. Dr.-Ing. B.-R. Höhn. Read more Or visit www.fzg.mw.tum.de

Gear Resource Technologies Inc.
Gear Resource Technologies, Inc. (GRT) has focused directly upon precision tooling needs of gear manufacturers, since 1997. We provide a highly-responsive engineering, analytical, and manufacturing resource, for the many specific tooling needs of the industry. Read more Or visit www.gear-resource.com

Gleason Corporation
Gleason Corporation’s mission is to be The Total Gear Solutions Provider™ to its global customer base. Gleason is a world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of gear production machinery and related equipment. The Company’s products are used by customers in automotive, truck, aircraft, agriculture, mining, windpower, construction, power tool and marine industries and by a diverse set of customers serving various industrial equipment markets. Gleason has manufacturing operations in Rochester, New York; Rockford, Illinois; Dayton, Ohio; Munich and Ludwigsburg, Germany; Studen, Switzerland; Bangalore; India, and Suzhou, China and has sales and service offices throughout North and South America, Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region. Read more Or visit www.gleason.com

Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation
Wherever superior gear performance is needed -- from hand-held power tools to super tankers, from automobiles to aircraft -- Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation gear tools are at work, helping raise the standard of bevel and cylindrical gear manufacturing to levels unimaginable just a few years ago. Read more Or visit www.gleason.com

Hainbuch America
For over 60 years HAINBUCH has been constantly developing new gear clamping solutions focusing on the essentials: the wants and needs of the customer. Set-up times and cost savings, flexibility, productivity, energy efficiency and security – all that you expect from gear clamping solutions. At HAINBUCH America people don´t just work together, we are one big family. Passion, family spirit and the drive for the right innovation at the right time, that´s the mix that makes HAINBUCH America. Read more Or visit www.hainbuchamerica.com

Inductoheat Inc.
Inductoheat is the largest global manufacturer of induction heating equipment. We are part of the Inductotherm Group of some 40 companies worldwide. We design & build heat treating equipment & power supplies for heating a wide range of parts including gears & sprockets. Read more Or visit www.inductoheat.com

Involute Simulation Softwares Inc.
Involute Simulation Softwares specializes in the development of gear calculation and manufacturing software. The main product, HyGEARS™ V 4.0, offers gear designers and manufacturers a standalone software package providing all the design, analysis and manufacturing tools needed from idea to production. Read more Or visit www.hygears.com

Ipsen, Inc.
Ipsen, Inc. designs and manufactures thermal processing systems (vacuum heat treat furnaces and atmosphere heat treat furnaces) for a wide variety of markets, including Aerospace, Medical, Energy, Chemical and Automotive. With thousands of installed systems worldwide, whether it's innovative titanium knee implants, making cars more efficient, developing new jet engines or going to the moon, Ipsen delivers quality. Read more Or visit www.IpsenUSA.com

Kapp Technologies
For over 50 years, KAPP GmbH has been one of the world's premier manufacturers of machine tools for the precision finishing of gears. Read more Or visit www.kapp-usa.com

The KISSsoft calculation program has been developed to focus on the needs of mechanical engineers and power transmission profes Read more Or visit www.kisssoft.com

Klingelnberg is a world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of gear production machinery and related equipment. Read more Or visit www.klingelnberg.com

Liebherr America
Liebherr Gear Technology Co. is your North American access point to a broad range of technically advanced gear manufacturing technologies and processes. Read more Or visit www.liebherr.com

Luren Precision Chicago
Luren Precision Chicago Co., Ltd. is a branch sales office of Luren Precision Co., Ltd., Taiwan. The main products include hob cutters, shaving cutters, CNC Profile Gear Grinding Machines (Horizontal or Vertical), CNC Hob Sharpening Machine, CNC Worm & Thread Grinding Machine, Spinning Pumps/ Oil Finish Pumps for man-made fiber production, and Driven Tool Holders for CNC turning centers. Please visit http://lurenusa.com/ for more information. Read more Or visit lurenusa.com

Machine Tool Builders
MTB recontrols existing CNC machines and rebuilds manual change gear machines, such as gear shapers, hobbers, and grinders into precision machines by converting mechanical components to motorized servos with multiple axes and spindles using CNC controls. Specializing in Fellows, Fromag-Rapida, Hoglund, Kapp, Liebherr, Lorenz, Module, Pfauter, and Red Ring brands. Read more Or visit www.machinetoolbuilders.com

McInnes Rolled Rings
McInnes Rolled Rings manufactures seamless rolled ring forgings from 4" - 144" OD. Offering quick quotes and fast, reliable deliveries. ISO9001 & AS9100 Certified. Read more Or visit mcinnesrolledrings.com

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America
Our family of gear cutting machines shares a name and a whole lot more. Mitsubishi gear hobbers, shapers, shavers and grinders also share Mitsubishi machine construction and Mitsubishi software and have common controls. That is why only Mitsubishi gear machines--the most complete family of gear machines--can deliver the fastest CNC learning curves and the highest quality gears. Read more Or visit www.mitsubishigearcenter.com

Nachi America Inc.
Nachi Machining Technology Co. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of broaching, cutting, hobbing, shaving, and roll forming machines and tools. In 1991, the Nachi Fujikoshi Corporation of Japan acquired the renowned National Broach and Machine Company, along with the famous Red Ring trade name of high precision tools and machines. Read more Or visit www.nachiamerica.com

Norton | Saint-Gobain
Norton, a brand of Saint-Gobain, is a leading manufacturer of a wide array of abrasive products. For applications ranging from rapid stock removal to precision finishing in all industries, products are offered in BEST, BETTER and GOOD performance/price tiers to meet the needs of all end-user applications. Read more Or visit www.nortonindustrial.com/

Pentagear Products
Pentagear, a builder of special machines and automated systems for over 50 years, offers the ND430 Next Dimension® Gear Measurement System. The Next Dimension® has been designed with the latest in motion control technology. Read more Or visit pentagear.com/content/product-info/

Precision Gage Co., Inc.
Precision Gage Co., Inc. is the manufacturer and supplier of the VARI-ROLL and GearMaster Dual Flank Composite Gear Tester. Read more Or visit www.precisiongageco.com

Presrite Corporation
Presrite manufactures net and near-net forgings for a wide range of industries in countries around the world. Its parts are used in the transmissions, engines and undercarriages of track-type tractors, excavators, wheel loaders and other off-highway vehicles. Presrite institutes an internal program designed to increase performance and quality levels while better controlling costs. Called ?6 SIGMA,? the program involves setting goals, collecting data, and then measuring and analyzing the results. Read more Or visit www.presrite.com

R.E. Smith & Co., Inc.
Over 60 years experience in the gear industry. Over 20 years consulting experience in all types of industries. Over 140 different clients with applications from tiny camera gears to large hydro-electric plant drive gears. We have published numerous articles and technical papers in the area of gear metrology, noise, and transmission error (single flank composite) testing. Read more Or visit www.resmithcoinc.com

Randall Publications LLC
Publishers of Gear Technology magazine and Power Transmission Engineering magazine. Read more Or visit www.geartechnology.com

Reishauer AG
Gear Grinding Machines Read more Or visit www.reishauer.com

Rotek Incorporated
Provider of rolled ring forgings in a variety of material grades and sizes. Capability to roll rings 20 to 240 inches. ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 certified. ABS Certified. Read more Or visit www.rotek-inc.com

Samputensili S.p.A.
SU America is a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy and a part of the multi-national Maccaferri Industrial Group. Read more Or visit www.samputensili.com

Seco Tools Inc.
Our business mission is to develop, manufacture and globally market metal cutting solutions that satisfy our customer requirements for quality, service and cost-efficiency. Our product portfolio consists of solutions for milling, turning, holemaking and holding systems. We also offer a range of complementary services within the Seco Tools Business Solutions concept. Read more Or visit www.secotools.com/us

Solar Atmospheres
Solar Atmospheres specializes in vacuum heat treating, vacuum nitriding, vacuum brazing as well as vacuum carburizing services. With processing expertise and personalized service, Solar will process your small or large parts efficiently with our unique range of 40 vacuum furnaces. Sizes range from lab furnaces to the world's largest commercial vacuum furnace. Read more Or visit www.solaratm.com

Star Cutter Co.
Headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, StarCut Sales, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Star Cutter Company and is a partner in the Star SU LLC enterprise for marketing, sales, and service. Through Star SU and StarCut Sales, Inc.'s international organization Star Cutter Company markets and services its products in North America, South America, Europe and the Far East. Read more Or visit www.starcutter.com

Star SU LLC provides the latest in gear and rotor manufacturing technology by offering a wide variety of gear cutting machinery, tools and services. Read more Or visit www.star-su.com

SU America is a unit of Samputensili S.p.A. of Bologna, Italy and a part of the multinational Maccaferri Industrial Group of companies. Samputensili produces machines, tools and services for the gear manufacturing industry. Manufacturing facilities are located in Italy, France, Brazil, Korea, Japan and the United States. Read more Or visit www.star-su.com

Steelmans Broaches Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers and Exporters of Push and Pull style Spline, Serration, Keyway, Surface, Standard Broaches and Broach Sets. We also manufacture Gear Hobs, Gear Cutters, Serration Cutters,Gear Shaper Cutter, Shaving Cutters , Milling Cutters.... Read more Or visit www.steelmans.com

Stresstech Oy
Stresstech provides products and services for process control and quality inspection of gears, camshafts,crankshafts, bearings, valves, etc. Applications for monitoring various manufacturing processes, such as grinding, super finishing, shot peening, heat treatment, case depth after case hardening, etc. Turnkey solutions, instruments and measurement services based on Barkhausen Noise (BN), X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and hole-drilling for studying residual stresses, retained austenite contents, grinding burns, heat treat defects, and hardness changes, welding stresses, etc. Applications for the automotive, machine and aerospace industries. Read more Or visit www.stresstechgroup.com

Tianjin No.1 Machine Tool Works
In China, Tianjin No.1 Machine Tool Works (TMTW), with a history of 54 years, is one of the large scale manufacturers for gear cutting machines. Read more Or visit www.tmtw.com

Willman Industries Inc.
Over the years, Willman Industries Inc. has continued to invest in expansion, better equipment and physical resources in an effort to expand capabilities, increase productivity and to meet the unique needs of our customers Read more Or visit www.willmanind.com

Yieh Chen Machinery Co., Ltd is the affiliate of Six Star Group. Six Star was founded in 1975 by Six brothers and devoted to the manufacturing of precision gear products. Throughout these years, Six Star has become one of the Top Five gear manufacturers in Taiwan. With a focus on precision gears and gearboxes, Six Star offers a broad range of industries, including machine tools, aerospace, agriculture machinery, robotic arms, transmission, hydraulic pumps and industrial machines. Read more Or visit www.yiehchen.com

Enthusiasm for inspection and measuring technology, a keen sense of efficiency and consequent commitment to quality have assured ZOLLER's position in the world's top league. Alfred Zoller founded the company in 1945. His vision: cost-efficient manufacturing in cutting production. Eberhard Zoller developed the company further to become a leader in innovation and quality in the measuring sector – and to become a global player. Today, the 3rd generation continues the ZOLLER success story – worldwide. The ZOLLER company has successfully established subsidiaries in the growth markets USA, China, India and Japan. Read more Or visit www.zoller-usa.com

Located in Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, Zhengzhou Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (ZRIME) has undergone 50 years of development. The company was restructured from a former research institute under the Ministry of Mechanical Industry into a large-scale science & technology enterprise administered by the central government of China Read more Or visit www.zrime.com.cn

Full Listings (all companies)
2L Inc.
300 Below, Inc.
3M Abrasives
A. Finkl & Sons Co.
A.G. Davis - AA Gage
A.L. Tooling cc
Aarna Lube Private Ltd.
Abbott Furnace Company
ABTech Inc.
Abtex Corp.
Accu-Cut Diamond Tool Co.
Accu-Temp Heat Treating
Accura Technics/EDAC Machinery
Accurate Specialties Inc.
Accurate Steel Treating, Inc.
Acedes Gear Tools
Acme Manufacturing Co.
Acme Wire Products
Addison & Co. Ltd.
ADF Systems Ltd.
Advanced Heat Treat Corp.
Advanced Nitriding Solutions
Aerospace Lubricants, Inc.
AGMA - American Gear Manufacturers Association
Aichelin Heat Treatment Systems, Inc.
Ajax Rolled Ring and Machine
Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic
Ajax Tool Supply
AKGears, LLC
Akron Steel Treating Company
Aksan Steel Forging
ALD Thermal Treatment, Inc.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Allen Adams Shaper Services, Inc.
Alliance Broach & Tool
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.
Almco Finishing & Cleaning Systems
Ambrell Precision Induction Heating
American Bearing Manufacturers Association
American Broach & Machine Co.
American Chemical Technologies, Inc.
American Friction Welding
American Gear Tools
American Metal Treating Co.
American Metal treating, Inc.
American Refining Group, Inc.
American Stress Technologies, Inc.
American Wind Energy Association
Ampere Metal Finishing
AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology
ANCA, Inc.
Andec Mfg. Ltd.
Anderson Cook Inc.
Anihas Castings
Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd
Apex Auctions Inc.
Apex Broaching Systems
Apollo Broach, Inc.
Applied Process
Applied Thermal Technologies
Arbortech Corporation
ArcVac ForgeCast Ltd.
Artis/Brankamp Div. of Marposs
Ash Gear & Supply
ASM International
ATS - Advanced Technology Services
Autoparts Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Avion Manufacturing
Balaji Thermotech India Private Limited
Banyan Global Technologies LLC
Barber-Colman, Div of Bourn & Koch
Bates Technologies Inc.
BeaverMatic, Inc.
Becker GearMeisters, Inc.
Bega Special Tools
Bennett Heat Treating & Brazing Co., Inc.
Beyta Gear Service
BFK Solutions LLC
BGH Specialty Steel Inc.
Bhandari Precision Forgings Pvt. Ltd.
Bharat Forge Ltd.
Big C Dino-Lite Scopes
Bill's Machine Repair
Blaser Swisslube Inc.
Bluewater Thermal Solutions
Bodycote Thermal Processing - Highland Heights
Bodycote Thermal Processing - Melrose Park
Bohle Machine Tools, Inc.
Bohler High Performance Metals Pvt. Ltd.
Bohler-Uddeholm Corporation
Boltex Manufacturing
BOS Services Company
Bourn & Koch Inc.
Breton USA
Brighton Laboratories
Broach Masters / Universal Gear Co.
Broaching Machine Specialties
Broaching Technologies, LLC
Brooker Bros. Forging Co.
Bruce Cox Engineering Corporation
Bryant Grinder
Burlington Engineering, Inc
Byington Steel Treating
C & B Machinery
C.E. Sweeney & Associates
C.I. Hayes
California Surface Hardening, Inc.
Calumet Surface Hardening
Cambridge Heat Treating Inc.
Canada Broach
Canton Drop Forge
Capital Equipment LLC
Capital Tool Industries
Carbide Tool Services, Inc.
Carborundum Universal Ltd.
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology LLC
Cascade TEK
Castrol Industrial North America Inc.
CBI Industrial Asset Management bv
Ceramtec North America
Certified Comparator Products (CCP)
Certified Steel Treating
CGW - Camel Grinding Wheels
Chamfermatic Inc.
Chevin Tools Inc.
Chicago Flame Hardening
Cimcool Fluid Technology
Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers
Cleaning Technologies Group/Ransohoff
Cleveland Deburring Machine Co.
Clifford-Jacobs Forging
CNC Design Pty Ltd
Cold Forming Technology
Colonial Tool Group
Comco Inc.
Community PC
Complete Heat Treating
Comtorgage Corporation
Concast Metal Products
Continental Diamond Tool Corporation
Continental Heat Treating, Inc.
Contour Hardening, Inc.
Controlled Thermal Processing, Inc.
Coord3 Metrology LLC
Cornell Forge
Corporate Assets Inc.
Cortec Corporation
Cosen Saws USA
Creative Automation, Inc.
Crest Ultrasonics Corp.
Crucible Industries LLC
Cryogenic Edge, The
Cryogenic Institute of New England, Inc.
Cryoplus Inc.
CST-Cincinnati Steel Treating
CTI – Car Training Institute
D.C. Morrison Company
Danobat Machine Tool Co. Inc.
Datapaq Inc.
Dathan Tool & Gauge Co. Ltd.
Daubert Cromwell
Davron Technologies
Dayton Forging and Heat Treating
DECO Products Company LLLP
Delta Inspection
Des-Case Corporation
Desch Canada Ltd.
Detroit Steel Treating Co.
Diametal AG
Diamond Abrasive Products
Dianamic Abrasive Products Inc.
DiaTech Tools India Pvt. Ltd.
Diehl Engineering Company, Inc. PS
Dixitech CNC
DMG Mori
Donner+Pfister AG
Dontyne Systems
Dr. Kaiser Diamantwerkzeuge
Drake Manufacturing Services Co. Inc.
Dreamtec Consulting LLC
Drewco Workholding
Drive Systems Technology, Inc.
DSM Engineering Plastics
DT Technologies US
DTR Corp. (formerly Dragon Precision Tools)
Duffy Company, The
Dyer Company
Dynamic Systems
Earle M. Jorgensen Co.
East Coast Induction
East-Lind Heat Treat, Inc.
EES Gear GmbH
EFD Induction Inc.
Eicher Engineering Solutions
Eldec Induction USA, Inc.
ElectroHeat Induction
Electronics Inc.
Ellwood City Forge
Eltool Corp.
Eltro Services, Inc.
Emuge Corp.
Engineered Abrasives
Engineered Heat Treat, Inc.
Engineered Tools Corp.
Engis Corporation
Erasteel Inc.
ERS Engineering Corp.
Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc.
ESGI Tools Pvt. Ltd.
Estudio Piña
Etna Products, Inc.
Euclid Heat Treating
Euro-Tech Corporation
Excel Gear
Extremeion Hard Carbon
ExxonMobil Oil Corp.
Fässler by Daetwyler Industries
Fairfield Auctions
Fangyuan Ringlike Forging & Flange Co., Ltd.
FARO Technologies, Inc.
FastCAM Inc.
Federal Broach & Machine
Fellows Machine Tools
Felsomat USA Inc.
Fine Wisdom(suzhou) Driving System Co.,Ltd
Flame Metals Processing Corporation
Flame Treating & Engineering
Flame Treating Systems, Inc.
Flexbar Machine Corporation
Foerster Instruments Inc.
Forging Industry Association
Forging Solutions LLC
Fox Valley Forge
Framo Morat, Inc.
Frenco GmbH
Friedrich Gloor Ltd.
Fuchs Lubricants Company
Fuji Machine America Corp.
Furnaces, Ovens & Baths, Inc.
Galaxy Sourcing Inc.
Galomb Inc.
Gear Consulting Group
Gear Consulting Services of Cincinnati LLC
Gear Machinery Exchange
Gear Resource Technologies Inc.
Gearspect s.r.o.
General Broach Company
General Magnaplate
General Metal Heat Treating, Inc.
General Surface Hardening Inc.
Georg Kesel GmbH & Co. KG
German Machine Tools of America
GH Induction Atmospheres
Gibbs Machinery Company
Gleason Corporation
Gleason Cutting Tools Corporation
Gleason Metrology Systems
Gleason Works (India) Private Ltd.
Gleason Works Rochester
Gleason-Hurth Maschinen und Werkzeuge GmbH
GoIndustry DoveBid
Goldstein Gear Machinery LLC
Graff Diamond Products
Gray Machinery Company
Great Lakes Gear Technologies, Inc.
Greenerd Press & Machine Co. Inc.
Greg Allen Company
Grieve Corporation, The
Grindal Company
Guven Bronz Metal
GWJ Technology GmbH
Härterei Reese Bochum GmbH
Haas Multigrind LLC
Hainbuch America
Hamai Co. Ltd.
Hangsterfer's Laboratories
Hanik Corporation
Hannover Fairs USA
Hanro Tools Incorporation
Hans-Juergen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
Hardinge Inc.
Havlik International Machinery Inc.
Heat Treating Services Corporation of America
Heatbath/Park Metallurgical
Heller Machine Tools
Hermes Abrasives Ltd.
Hexagon Industriesoftware GmbH
Hexagon Metrology
Hi TecMetal Group
HighTemp Furnaces Limited
Hilco Industrial
Hines Industries
HITEC Sensor Solution, Inc.
HiTech e Soft
Hobbing.com / Planeta Inc.
HobSource Inc.
Hoffmann Filter Corporation
Horsburgh & Scott Co.
Houghton International
Hudapack Metal Treating
Huff Carbide Tool
Hunter Chemical LLC
Hy-Pro Filtration
Hydra-Lock Corporation
IHI Ionbond Inc.
Impact Finishers
Index Corporation
Index Technologies Inc.
Induction Hardening Specialists
Induction Resources
Induction Services, Inc.
Induction Tooling, Inc.
Inductoheat Inc.
Inductotherm Corp.
Industrial Metal Finishing, Inc
Industrial Tools Corporation
Ingersoll Cutting Tools
Inland Broaching and Tool Company
Intech Corporation
International Tool Machines (ITM)
Interstate Tool Corp.
Involute Gear & Machine Company
Involute Simulation Softwares Inc.
Ion Vacuum (IVAC) Technologies Corp.
Ionic Technologies Inc.
Ionitech Ltd.
Ipsen, Inc.
Irwin Automation Inc.
Isel Inc.
ITW Heartland
J. L. Becker
J. Schneeberger Corp.
James Engineering
JRM International, Inc
K+S Services, Inc.
Kapp Technologies
Kennametal Inc.
KGK International Corp.
Khemka Broach & Spline Gauge
Kinefac Corporation
Kinematics Manufacturing, Inc.
Kitagawa - NorthTech Workholding
Klüber Lubrication North America L.P.
Kleiss Gears, Inc.
Knuth Machine Tools USA, Inc.
Koepfer America, LLC
Koncar Termotehnika d.o.o.
Koro Sharpening Service
Koster Industries
Kowalski Heat Treating
Kwikmark Inc.
Lalson Tools Corporation
Lambda Technologies
Larson Forgings
Laser Tools Co.
Lefere Forge
Leistritz Corporation
Liebherr America
Liebherr-Verzahntechnik GmbH
LMC Workholding
Longevity Coatings
Lubegard / International Lubricants Inc.
Lubrication Engineers
Lucifer Furnaces Inc.
Luren Precision Chicago
Machine Tool Builders
Machine Tool Solutions, Inc.
Mackeil Ispat & Forging Ltd.
Magnetic Inspection Laboratory
Magnum Induction
Maguire Technologies
Maheen Enterprises
Mahr Federal Inc.
Marposs Corporation
Martin Tool & Forge
Masternet Ltd.
Maxplus Enterprise
Maxwell Tools Co. USA
Maxwell Tools Company
Mazak Corporation
McInnes Rolled Rings
McKees Rocks Forgings
McLeod and Norquay Ltd.
Metal Improvement Company
Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF)
Metallized Carbon Corporation
Metallurgical High Vacuum Corp.
Metallurgical Processing, Inc.
Metallurgical Solutions, Inc.
Methods Machine Toos Inc.
Micro Precision Calibration Inc.
MicroTek Finishing, LLC
Mid-South Metallurgical
Midwest Themal-Vac Inc.
Milburn Engineering, Inc.
Miller Broach
Mindon Engineering
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America
Mitsubishi Materials USA
Mitutoyo America Corporation
ML Lubrication Inc.
Modern Gearing
Mohawk Machinery Inc.
Moore-Addison Precision Plastic Blanking
Mosey Manufacturing Co. Inc.
MPT Manufacturing Process Technologies
MSC Software Corp.
MTI Systems, Inc.
Mutschler Edge Technologies
Nachi America Inc.
Nagel Precision
National Bronze & Metals, Inc.
National Bronze Mfg. Co.
National Heat Treat
New England Gear
Newage Testing Instruments
Nisha Engineers (India)
Nitrex Inc. - Chicago Operations
Nitrex Inc. - Indiana Operations
Nitrex Inc. - Michigan Operations
Nitrex Inc. - Nevada Operations
Nitrex Inc. - West Coast Operations
Nitrex Metal Inc.
Nitrex Metal Technologies Inc.
Noria Corporation
Normac, Inc.
Northfield Precision Instrument Corp.
Norton | Saint-Gobain
NTC America Corporation
Nye Lubricants
oelheld U.S., Inc.
Oerlikon Balzers - PPD Division
Oerlikon Balzers USA
Ohio Broach & Machine Co.
Ohio Vertical Heat Treat
Okuma America Corporation
Ono Sokki Technology, Inc.
Optical Gaging Products, Inc. (OGP)
ORT Italia
Osborn International
P.G. Engineers
Parag Casting Co.
Parker Industries Inc.
Particular Technology, Inc.
Patriot Forge
Paulo Products Company
PC Forge
PCK Buderus India
PDM Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Peening Technologies
Pegard Productics Division HARO
Penna Flame Industries
Pentagear Products
Penticton Foundry Ltd.
Peters Heat Treating
PetroLiance, LLC
Petronomics Mfg. Group, Inc.
Phase II
Philadelphia Carbide Co.
Phoenix Inc.
Phoenix Tool & Thread Grinding
Pillar Induction
Pioneer Broach Co.
PlasmaRoute CNC
Polygon Solutions
PPL Group
Precision Devices, Inc.
Precision Finishing Inc.
Precision Gage Co., Inc.
Precision Heat Treating
Precision Heat Treating Co.
Precision Heat Treating Corporation
Precision Spindle & Accessories Inc.
Precision Thermal Processing
Preco Inc.
Premier Furnace Specialists Inc.
Presrite Corporation
Prime Technologies
Pro-Beam USA
Proceq USA, Inc.
Progressive Heat Treating Co.
Promess Inc.
Proto Manufacturing
PTG Holroyd
QC American
QSC Forge & Flange
Quality Reducer Service, Inc
Quality Solutions
Quality Vision Services (QVS)
QuesTek Innovations LLC
R & P Metrology GmbH
R & R Heat Treating
Röders GmbH
R.A. Heller
R.E. Smith & Co., Inc.
Radiac Abrasives
Radyne Corporation
Ralf Schaffer
RAM Optical Instrumentation, Inc.
Randall Publications LLC
Ravjeet Engineering Specialty Ltd.
Razorform Tools
Reade Advanced Materials
Red Rover
Redin Production Machine
Regal Products, Inc.
Reishauer AG
Reishauer Corporation
REM Surface Engineering
Reska Spline Products Co.
Rex Heat Treat
Rex-Cut Products, Inc.
Riten Industries, Inc.
Rockford Heat Treaters
Romax Technology
Rotek Incorporated
Roto-Flo / U.S. Gear Tools
Rubig US, Inc.
Russell Holbrook & Henderson
S.K. Gear Consulting
S.L. Munson & Company
Saacke North America, LLC
Samchully Machinery Co., Ltd.
Samputensili S.p.A.
Sandvik Coromant
Schmiedewerke Groeditz GmbH
Schnyder SA
Schunk Inc.
Schutte LLC
Scientific Forming Technologies Corp.
Scot Forge
Seco Tools Inc.
Seco/Warwick Corp.
Seco/Warwick Europe S.A.
Sedlock Companies - Euskal Forgin
Sensor Developments Inc
Sensor Products Inc.
SerWeMa GmbH & Co. KG
SETCO Precision Spindles
Shape-Master Tool Company
Shell Lubricants
Shree Krishna Auto Indsutries
Sinto Surface Treatment
Slater Tools Inc.
Slone Gear International, Inc
Smart Manufacturing Technology
Solar Atmospheres
Solar Manufacturing
Southwest Metal Products Ltd.
Special Cutting Tools
Specialty Heat Treating
Specialty Steel Treating Inc.
Spectrum Machine Inc.
Spectrum Thermal Processing
Speedgrip Chuck
Spline Gage Solutions
Spring Technologies Inc.
Springfield Metallurgical Services, Inc.
Stace-Allen Chucks, Inc.
Stack Metallurgical Services, Inc.
Star Cutter Co.
Steelmans Broaches Pvt. Ltd.
Stella Keramik GmbH
Stenhoj Broaching Machines
Steuby Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Stone Tucker Instruments Inc.
Stotz Gaging Co.
Stresstech Oy
Studwell Engineering
SU (Shanghai) Machine & Tools Co., Ltd.
Summit Industrial Products
Sun Steel Treating Inc.
Sunbelt-Turret Steel. Inc.
Sunnen Products Company
Super Hobs & Broaches Pvt. Ltd.
Super Systems Inc.
Superior Industrial Sharpening & Grinding
Suresh Mehta Associates
Surface Combustion
Surface Finishing Equipment Co.
Surplex GmbH
SWD Inc.
Syn-Tech Ltd.
Tazz Broach & Machine, Inc.
TechnoMax Inc.
TECO Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH & Co.
Tecsia Lubricants USA
Tenaxol Technologies, Inc.
Test Equipment Distributors
Texas Refinery Corp.
The Herring Group Inc.
The Modal Shop
Thermal Braze, Inc.
Thermetco Inc.
Thermex Metal Treating Ltd.
Thermo-Calc Software Inc.
Thors LLC
Tianjin No.1 Machine Tool Works
TimkenSteel Corporation
TM Induction Heating
Tokyo Technical Instruments USA Inc.
Toolink Engineering
Toolmex Corporation - Lathe group
TopGun Consulting LLc
Toshiba Machine Co.
Treat All Metals, Inc.
Tribo Surface Engineering LLC
TSA America, LLC
Ty Miles Inc.
Tyrolit Wickman
U.S. Equipment
U.S. Gear Tools
Ultramatic Equipment Co.
UMC - United Metals Co.
United Broach Company
United Calibration Corp.
United Cast Bar, Inc.
United Gear and Assembly, Inc.
United Grinding
United Tool Supply Ltd.
Universal Technical Systems, Inc.
Usach Technologies Inc.
Used Machinery Sales LLC
V W Broaching Service, Inc.
VaporKote, Inc.
Vargus USA
Vermont Machine Tool
VFA Engineering Group
View Micro-Metrology
Viking Forge
Virgo Communications & Exhibitions Pvt Ltd.
Voelker Sensors, Inc.
Walker Forge
Walter USA, LLC
Waterloo Manufacturing Software
Watkins Mfg. Inc.
Web Gear Services Ltd.
Welland Forge
Welter Group
Wenzel America
West Michigan Spline, Inc.
Westminster Machine Tools Ltd.
Westport Gage
Wheelabrator Group
Willman Industries Inc.
Wolverine Broach Co., Inc.
Woodworth Heat Treating
WPC Treatment Co., Inc.
Yarde Metals
Yash International
Yuvraj Tools & Forgings
Zion Industries