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Shaper Cutters-Design & Applications Part 1 - March/April 1990

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Archive > 1990 > March/April 1990 > Shaper Cutters-Design & Applications Part 1

The article "Shaper Cutters-Design & Applications Part 1" appeared in the March/April 1990 issue of Gear Technology.

Gear shaping is one of the most popular production choices in gear manufacturing. While the gear shaping process is really the most versatile of all the gear manufacturing methods and can cut a wide variety of gears, certain types of gears can only be cut by this process. These are gears closely adjacent to shoulders; gears adjacent to other gears, such as on countershafts; internal gears, either open or blind ended; crown or face gears; herringbone gears of the solid configuration of with a small center groove; rack; parts with filled-in spaces or teeth, such as are used in some clutches.

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