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Dual Frequency Induction Gear Hardening - March/April 1993

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Archive > 1993 > March/April 1993 > Dual Frequency Induction Gear Hardening

The article "Dual Frequency Induction Gear Hardening" appeared in the March/April 1993 issue of Gear Technology.

In the typical gear production facility, machining of gear teeth is followed by hear treatment to harden them. The hardening process often distorts the gear teeth, resulting in reduced and generally variable quality. Heat treating gears can involve many different types of operations, which all have the common purpose of producing a microstructure with certain optimum properties. Dual frequency induction hardening grew from the need to reduce cost while improving the accuracy (minimizing the distortion) of two selective hardening processes: single tooth induction and selective carburizing.

heat treating, induction hardening, dual-frequency, induction

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