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Design Implications for Shaper Cutters - July/August 1996

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Archive > 1996 > July/August 1996 > Design Implications for Shaper Cutters

The article "Design Implications for Shaper Cutters" appeared in the July/August 1996 issue of Gear Technology.

A gear shaper cutter is actually a gear with relieved cutting edges and increased addendum for providing clearance in the root of the gear being cut. The maximum outside diameter of such a cutter is limited to the diameter at which the teeth become pointed. The minimum diameter occurs when the outside diameter of the cutter and the base circle are the same. Those theoretical extremes, coupled with the side clearance, which is normally 2 degrees for coarse pitch cutters an d1.5 degrees for cutters approximately 24-pitch and finer, will determine the theoretical face width of a cutter.

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