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Evaluation of Carburized & Ground Face Gears - September/October 2000

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Archive > 2000 > September/October 2000 > Evaluation of Carburized & Ground Face Gears

The article "Evaluation of Carburized & Ground Face Gears" appeared in the September/October 2000 issue of Gear Technology.

Designers are constantly searching for ways to reduce rotocraft drive system weight. Reduced weight can increase the payload, performance, or power density of current and future systems. One example of helicopter transmission weight reduction was initiated as part of the United States Army Advanced Rotocraft Transmission program. This example used a split-torque, face-gear configuration concept (Ref. 1). compared to a conventional design with spiral-bevel gears, the split-torque, face-gear design showed substantial weight savings benefits. Also, the use of face gears allows a wide-range of possible configurations with technical and economic benefits (Ref. 2).

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