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Gear Wear Caused By Contaminated Oils - September/October 1996

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Archive > 1996 > September/October 1996 > Gear Wear Caused By Contaminated Oils

The article "Gear Wear Caused By Contaminated Oils" appeared in the September/October 1996 issue of Gear Technology.

The diagnosis and prevention of gear tooth and bearing wear requires the discovery and understanding of the particular mechanism of wear, which in turn indicates the best method of prevention. Because a gearbox is a tribologically dependent mechanism, some understanding of gear and bearing tribology is essential for this process. Tribology is the general term for the study and practice of lubrication, friction and wear. If tribology is neglected or considered insignificant, poor reliability and short life will result.

lubrication, tribology, failure, wear, contamination, oil, contaminated oil, oils

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