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Gear Talk With Chuck

Has School Started Yet?

Based on television ads, Facebook posts, and the number of school buses on the road it appears school has started for the fall term. It seems a bit early to

Gear Talk With Chuck

Oil Price Quandary

Like most curmudgeons, I can do a five minute ramp on how cheap gasoline was when I was a kid and how outrageous the price is now. Living in Chicago

Gear Talk With Chuck

Specialization is for Insects

A few more thoughts on Alexander Graham Bell; he was so much more than the “inventor” of the telephone. Like many other creative people, he had a wide range of

Gear Talk With Chuck

Behind Every Great Man…

I have been traveling quite a bit lately and that means lots of waiting time in airports. My Kindle is loaded with many books and during my most recent trip

Gear Talk With Chuck

Sprucing Up Content

Back in 1987 I wrote a book about gears aimed at the novice engineer or purchasing agent. An Introduction to Gear Design was originally a work assignment, but by the

Gear Talk With Chuck

Butterfly Effect

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately, and wonder if perhaps we take the convenience of air travel for granted. Who would have expected an hour to get through security


We’re now on Facebook!

Gear technology is now on Facebook. We are very excited to let you know that we have yet another way for you to get the great content you want from

Gear Talk With Chuck

Customers? Or Fans?

My last posting concerned finding the right customers for implementing new technology. Many great ideas failed in the marketplace because of bad timing, like the Edsel being launched during a

Gear Talk With Chuck

Waiting for the Right Customers

Are you ready for self-driving cars? Apparently they are going to be a big thing, but I have yet to meet anyone interested in turning their steering wheel over to