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Gear Talk With Chuck

Starting Them Young

We were delighted to get a blog comment that did not involve cut-rate sunglasses! To wit: “How would you promote gear/transmission technology to school children, and what resources would you

Gear Talk With Chuck

Making Manufacturing Cool Again

Can you remember the first time you saw a gear? I remember seeing gears on a cousin’s erector set crane when I was six or seven. A friend got a

Gear Talk With Chuck

Churning the Continuing Education Dollar

Our magazine publishes hundreds of high-quality technical articles every year. Considerable effort has gone into maintaining a searchable archive of those articles so readers can self-educate themselves on topics of

Editor's Choice

Covering All Angles

Klingelnberg Hosts 6th WZL Gear Conference in the USA 2016  Matthew Jaster, Senior Editor   Gear design, smart manufacturing, psychoacoustic analysis, five-axis milling and trends in gear manufacturing are just

Gear Talk With Chuck

Continuing Education

Gear Technology has a major interest in educating its readers. Cutting-edge technical papers are a primary component of our content, along with information from our advertisers on the latest improvements

Gear Talk With Chuck

Visit Us on Social Media!

Gear Technology and its sister publication, Power Transmission Engineering, have FaceBook pages where members can view new content on a regular basis and post topics that interest them. We had

Gear Talk With Chuck

Be Careful What You Wish For

  We used to warn our children to “be careful what you wish for, you might get it.” Recently I blogged in favor of jump starting the economy with access

Gear Talk With Chuck

Recycled Materials

  Continuing with the environmental theme of the previous blog, an impressive change has occurred in the recycling industry since I was collecting newspapers with the Boy Scouts back in

Gear Talk With Chuck

What if We Save the World Anyway?

In the midst of a heated discussion on the environment fifteen years ago, my son asked a thought provoking question: “What if we saved the world and it really didn’t