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Gear Talk With Chuck

Gears That Time Forgot

My consulting practice covers a very wide range of products — from 4-inch circular pitch mill stands to 180-NDP handheld medical devices — I see them all. Most of the

Gear Talk With Chuck

In Praise of Old-School Technology

A wise man once pointed out that everyone drives a used car. We hear many reports on self-driving cars, electric cars, hybrid cars, and other planet-saving technology, yet the average

Gear Talk With Chuck

The Essential Gear Book?

Continuing our discussion of gear training…   What one book would you advise a newbie to purchase, read, and keep handy in the years ahead? I’ll disqualify my own book,

Gear Talk With Chuck

Language Barrier

I have great admiration for people who can speak multiple languages, a skill that had eluded me despite two fairly serious efforts to learn a second language. Recently the opportunity

Gear Talk With Chuck

Preserving Our Stuff

  Continuing my rant on important things carelessly trashed by idiots…   A favorite joke in the old car hobby is “My widow will probably sell my stuff for what

Gear Talk With Chuck

Reflections on a Blog

This posting is the start of our fourth year of blogging on the gear industry. When the idea was first presented to me I did not have a firm idea