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Gear Talk With Chuck

Lowering That Overhead, Part II

How many of you have any idea what your company spends on perishable tooling? Working for small companies with tight wad owners perhaps made me more aware of this than

Gear Talk With Chuck

Faster is Not Always Better

That old “Overhead” article reminded me of what a shock it was when we first moved into cellular manufacturing. After years of investigating ways to reduce cycle times to a

Gear Talk With Chuck

Engineering Economy in 1912

In the same issue of Industrial Engineering that Percy C. Day published his treatise on herringbone gears, Sterling H. Bunnell offered “Expense Burden: Its Incidence and Distribution.” Those of you

Gear Talk With Chuck

Gear Technology in 1912

Continuing with that January 1912 issue of Industrial Engineering magazine … Imagine the courage it took to present a seven-page article on your gear system — complete with rating methods