A Good Guy Exits

Charles D. Schultz

President at Beyta Gear Service
Charles D. Schultz is President of Beyta Gear Service and one of Gear Technology's technical editors.

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We would like to add our voice to those congratulating AGMA Technical Division VP Charlie Fischer on his retirement. I didn’t meet Charlie until he took up his AGMA duties in 1994, but immediately was impressed with his skill at keeping a meeting on track.

Remember that old saying that people want to know how much you care before they care about how much you know? Charlie’s face should be on that poster. Even with twenty or more engineers in the room he found time to make each person feel welcomed and respected.

There was no deficiency in Mr. Fischer’s personal knowledge of gears and he used his considerable background to deliver very clear reports on the activities of the many technical committees he observed. As part of AGMA’s ISO team his diplomatic skills were called upon to represent our country’s consensus position on controversial topics.

Given his hectic travel schedule over the past 20 years, Charlie is sure to enjoy staying at home and spoiling his grandchildren. His AMGA committee friends will miss seeing him in hotel conference rooms around the globe.

Live long and prosper Charlie!

PS: Our March/April issue has more information on Charlie’s contributions to our industry.

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