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Gear Talk With Chuck

How Do You Learn?

We hear a lot of chatter about the “crisis in education” — as if this was a completely new and unexpected situation. My home state, long proud of its public

Gear Talk With Chuck

Reclaiming a Word’s Meaning

One of my “beefs” with sports terms taking over business discussions is the annexation of perfectly good words. A few days ago a national sports talk show had a poll

Gear Talk With Chuck

Decisions, Decisions

Twenty years ago, a colleague devoted many hours to developing an all-inclusive computer program that would convert a twenty-question form into finished detail drawings of a gearbox — with little

Gear Talk With Chuck

When Do You Trust Computers?

As mentioned previously in this blog, I am active in motor racing as a car owner, mechanic, and public relations representative. I’ve first became a fan as a boy growing

Gear Talk With Chuck

Things We Don’t Know

Noted gear consultant and gear educator Ray Drago is fond of saying that a consultant’s best answers usually start with “it depends.” Those of you have had the opportunity to

Gear Talk With Chuck

Areas of Expertise

One of the first things you hear upon becoming a parent is that “children keep you young.” Once, I foolishly thought this referred to your physical fitness from chasing the

Gear Talk With Chuck

Formula 1 Gearbox Designs

As mentioned in my last blog, Formula 1 gearboxes are now highly integrated into the overall car design. The days of a “spec” transmission from a third-party supplier are long


Short Lived Gearbox Designs

“All memorable quotations referring to gearboxes involve expletives.” Peter Wright             The author of Formula 1 Technology, Peter Wright, went to work for Motorsports legend Tony Rudd at BRM straight

Gear Talk With Chuck

Applied Science, Part Two

My previous posting on engineering vs. science reminded me of a professor who insisted “real engineers” had to be able to reason things back to “first principles.” If you couldn’t,

Gear Talk With Chuck

Engineering vs. Science

History shows that engineering (using an idea without necessarily understanding it) usually gets the drop on science (understanding an idea without necessarily having any idea what to do with it).