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Gear Talk With Chuck

What Did They Know and When Did They Know It?

[starbox] No, I am not launching a criminal investigation. The title of this posting summarizes my ongoing study of the history of gear ratings. Most of you are aware that

Gear Talk With Chuck

Everything Old is New Again

[starbox] Writing a technical paper sometimes requires digging deep in your files for that obscure reference you just know you kept a copy of somewhere. I’ve been collecting books, papers,

Gear Talk With Chuck

How Old is Your Machinery’s Handbook?

[starbox] When discussing influential books on gears, I like to start with the venerable Machinery’s Handbook. No matter where you go in the industrial world you’ll find well thumbed copies

Gear Talk With Chuck

Who Taught You About Gears?

[starbox] “The beginning of wisdom is calling things by their proper name” — Chinese proverb Who taught you about gears? I was blessed with some great mentors in the early