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Gear Talk With Chuck

Continuous Improvement

Much of my gear career has involved the oil patch, so it was a treat to tour the Drake Oil Well Museum near Titusville Pennsylvania recently. Colonel (Edwin Laurentine) Drake

Gear Talk With Chuck

Origin Stories

Once in a while we need to take a break from the “honey do” list and start becoming familiar with our community. A trip to a nearby state park that

Gear Talk With Chuck

Happy Independence Day!

Other than the fireworks, it is a quiet day for most of us here in the United States. We need this annual holiday to remind us that, despite the very

Gear Talk With Chuck

Listening is an Act of Love

I have been listening to Story Corps on National Public Radio for many years. The program shares audio recordings made in booths that travel around the country; e.g., usually two

Gear Talk With Chuck

Time Flies When You Are Making Gears

[starbox] On Saturday I began my 44th year in the gear industry. I remember way too many details of my first day as a drafting apprentice at the Falk Corporation