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Since 1978, Applied Process has been the leader in the heat-treating industry, pioneering the development of the high-performance heat-treatment process called Austempering that makes ferrous materials stronger, tougher and more durable than conventional heat treatments. From heavy and light vehicle, to agricultural and railroad equipment, to construction and general manufacturing, any industry that creates equipment with moving parts benefits from the strength, wear resistance, noise reduction, and weight reduction of Austempered materials. And unlike most heat treaters who do it part time, Austempering is all we do at Applied Process, with a dedicated team of experienced metallurgists, mechanical engineers and R&D staff ready to meet all your Austempering needs.

Austempered Ductile Iron
A high strength-to-weight material at a component price that is typically 20% less than that of steel. Replaces aluminum in some applications as a weight savings.

Austempered Steel
A tough, high-strength component that resists embrittlement, this dimensionally repeatable process is typically cost competitive with conventional quench and temper processes.

Carbidic Austempered Ductile Iron
A new treatment using a matrix of ausferrite and carbides to add strength and wear resistance to ductile iron parts, CADI is a premium, engineered iron with longer life, and more wear-resistant than Grade 5 ADI.

Carbo-Austemperedô Steel
With a tough, high-carbon, bainitic case, Carbo-Austemperedô steel components have remarkable impact and high-load, low cycle fatigue strength making them superior to either neutral hardened or carburized steels.

Austempered Gray Iron
AGI offers a material with excellent dampening and wear resistance. Current applications include cylinder liners and bearing collars.


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