BeaverMatic, Inc.

1715 Northrock Court
Rockford, IL 61103
Phone: (815) 963-0005
Fax: (815) 963-5673
Contact: Patrick Weymer, Product Manager


Jack Beavers began a determined journey toward furnace innovation with a simplified yet sophisticated equipment designs 50 years ago. From our past successes and solid installation base, BeaverMatic remains steadfastly focused on its core competency. Today, BeaverMatic is a family-owned manufacturer of custom, standard, batch and continuous atmosphere heat-treating equipment. Best known for the Internal Quench Furnace with Beaver Ram transfer system, BeaverMaticís product line includes temper furnaces, washers, endothermic gas generators, box furnaces, pit furnaces, continuous pushers, carbottom furnaces, and tip up furnaces. In environment of continuous improvement, our commitment is to satisfy our customers by providing Proven Performance Heat Treating Equipment incorporating the latest product technology enhancements. Our technical personnel are experienced in various heat-treating processes and furnace configurations. We manufacture equipment to meet specific throughput, process, timeline, and budget requirements. With over half a century of experience and installations worldwide, you can rely on BeaverMatic to provide quality-built, affordable equipment.