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Drake Manufacturing Services Co. Inc.

Drake Manufacturing Services Co. Inc. - Drake Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of precision CNC grinders and other machine tools. Our lineup of machines includes Gear Making, Thread Making, Universal Grinding and Ballscrew Manufacturing machines.  4371 N. Leavitt Road
Warren, OH 44485
Phone: (330) 847-7291
Fax: (330) 847-6323


Web: www.drakemfg.com

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Drake Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of precision CNC grinders and other machine tools. Our lineup of machines includes:

Application: Machines:
Gear Making GS:G2-LM Gear Grinder
GS:RM Rack Mill
GS:H Gear Hobbers
GS:TE-LM Worm Grinder
Thread Making GS:TE External Thread Grinder
GS:TI Internal Thread Grinder
GS:TE-LM Linear Motor External Thread Grinder
GS:TE-Mini Thread Grinder
GS:VTM Linear Motor Thread Mill
Universal Grinding GS:TE/I-LM Universal Grinder
Ballscrews GS:TE 2 & 3 Meter Ballscrew Grinder

Experts in E-Steering

Over the years we have developed a complete line of machines for producing each major component in modern steering gear systems: GS:G2 5-Axis Profile Gear Grinders, GS:TE-LM Worm Grinders, GS:H Gear Hobbers, GS:RM Rack Mills and our new GS:VTM Linear Motor Thread Mill. Our machines fit easily into a cell environment and can be equipped with our latest automation packages. From hydraulic rack nuts to rack and pinion to e-steer, few builders offer the breadth and depth of steering component experience that we do.

Control System Renewals
Our control renewal service is designed for machines which are still good mechanically, but have failure-prone controls. We can retrofit your machines with the latest GE Fanuc servos and controls, and youíll get complete parts and service support for your new CNC system.

Drake is certified as a GE Fanuc 5-Star Retrofitter Ė the top level of achievement in GE Fanucís Machine Tool Retrofit Program. We can replace your aging, unreliable controls with those of the 21st century Ė giving extra years of life to otherwise good machines at a fraction of the cost of new.

Remanufacturing Services
While every machine tool builder wants to sell new machines, Drake realizes that itís not always in the customerís budget. Remanufacturing is a smart alternative that minimizes a customerís capital outlay and maximizes its use of depreciated property. We suggest that companies take a hard look at that old iron out in the shop before scrapping it.

We value our customers.
Drake GS:TE/I-LM Universal GrinderThe Drake/customer relationship does not end once a machine tool has shipped. Drake Manufacturing Services is committed to providing superior machine tools and ongoing service that meet and exceed customer expectations.

The customer is at the top of the Drake organization chart, and the people at Drake have direct customer contact. You will get to know the team members responsible for your machine and process. All take pride in their work. All are accessible. All are available for phone and on-site problem solving. Our quality system is ISO 9001 certified and we adhere to those standards.

Warranty Assurance
Warranty coverage is one calendar year regardless of hours of operation. And all Drake customers receive a complete machine review by a Drake technician who will replace any faulty components at the end of the warranty period.

Good parts out the door from Day One!
Drake machines are designed and built to competitively produce quality parts out the door from Day One.

Drake takes responsibility for all programming. Programs are tested and confirmed electronically as the machine is being built. They are proven in run-offs before leaving our plant, and again on your floor at start-up. All aspects of the process are programmed in--grinding, dressing, loading/unloading, gaging--whatever is required for the entire family of parts.

Drake GS:RM Rack MillProcess Design for Manufacturing
Drake not only takes responsibility for machine performance, but also for process capability. Drake machines are designed and built to the concept that a customer wants finished parts meeting the relevant specifications. We understand that customers don't want machines; they want parts out the door.

Productivity Focus
Achieving the goal of maximum productivity and lowest cost per part is the job of Drake System Engineers who are focused on optimizing the grinding process. Our machines are designed for outstanding performance running aluminum oxide, seeded gel and plated or dressable CBN wheels--as required to optimize the process.

Long-Term Support
With Drake, you have full software support throughout the life of the machine. If your part requirements change, Drake System Engineers are available to develop and install new menu-driven programs at modest cost. We send you the update overnight, on a PC card for simple installation by your people.

Operator Education
Fully adjustable automatic loader for GS:RM Rack MillProcess, program and machine are designed so the operator can maximize parts production. Your operator is not a machine troubleshooter; he's a parts maker. Full on-site training is given on operation of control, use of menu-drive software, process understanding and parts production. Operator comfort and confidence in the machine are maximized.


Drake Manufacturing Management Team:

President—Jim Vosmik

Engineering Purchasing Manager—Bob Dorchester

Systems Engineering Manager—Rick Sanders

Manufacturing & Service Manager—Joe Gimmarco

Research & Development—Stig Mowatt-Larssen

Information Systems—Mike Hughes

Human Resources—Deborah Wensel

Marketing Manager—Nancy Halliday

Consultant—John Drake

North America Sales Representatives

Drake Gear Manufacturing Systems only:
Koepfer America, LLC
635 Schneider Drive
South Elgin, IL 60177
(847) 931-4121 Phone
(847) 931-4192 Fax
Dennis Gimpert, President
Cory Sanderson, VP Sales & Marketing

Entire Drake product line:
Territory—Southern California counties: Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura.

DMARK Corporation
11095A Knott Avenue
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 897-9010 Phone
(714) 897-9040 Fax
Jay Davis, President
Jim Reynolds, VP Sales
John Lind

International Representatives:


Kazunobu Agu


Beijing Xianshengxin Science and Technical Company Limited
16-1806 An Hui Dong Li
Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100101 China
Contact: Mr. Andy Zhang
E-mail: andyzhang8888@126.com
Telephone: [86] 10-6489-3244
Mobile: [86] 135-0113-5055
Fax: [86] 10-6489-0525-802


VMT Technologies India
Bangalore, India
Contact: N. Balakrishna
E-mail: vmtindia@vsnl.net
Phone/Fax: +91 (80) 2361-9163
Mobile: +91 98440 53743

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