Inductoheat Inc.

Inductoheat Inc. - Inductoheat is the largest global manufacturer of induction heating equipment. We are part of the Inductotherm Group of some 40 companies worldwide. We design & build heat treating equipment & power supplies for heating a wide range of parts including gears & sprockets.32251 N. Avis Dr.
Madison Heights, MI 48071
United States
Phone: (248) 585-9393
Fax: (248) 589-1062


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Dedicated Induction Solutions

Giving you the competitive edge by providing the best in innovative technology, high quality induction equipment, and dedicated customer support.

Inductoheat is one of forty companies making up the Inductotherm Group. No matter what metal you melt, heat treat, hot forge or process, the Inductotherm Group is ready to put our shared knowledge, global reach, and unparalleled technology to work for one company. Yours.

Located in Madison Heights, MI, Inductoheat designs, builds and repairs standard, general purpose and customized, fully automated induction heating systems for:

  • Hardening & tempering
  • Billet & bar forge heating
  • Shrink fitting & stress relieving
  • 10” or less strip & slab heating
  • Copper tube annealing
  • Bonding & brazing
  • Epoxy & paint curing & coating

Induction Gear Heating

Just like gears, induction heating is all about Precision. Inductoheat’s accurately controlled, induction gear hardening systems provide specific metallurgical patterns, minimum shape distortion, increased wear resistance and exceptional contact fatigue strength.

Achieving The Optimum Gear Hardening Pattern

  • Flank hardening
  • Flank & tooth hardening
  • Hardening of the tooth tip
  • Root hardening
  • Hardening of the entire tooth
  • Profile hardening (non-uniform)
  • Profile hardening (uniform)
  • Flank & root hardening

Professional Experience

Engineering excellence and technical innovation is among our company’s core values. Equipped with state-of-the-art CAE workstations and backed by decades of experience in the induction heating sector, our team of scientists, engineers and maintenance experts guarantee deployment of the most innovative induction systems available.