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Pentagear Products

12955 York Delta Drive
Suite 1
North Royalton, OH 44133
Phone: (330) 421-0420


Web: pentagear.com/content/product-info/

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Machine Tool
Energy systems
National labs

CNC Gear Measurement Systems ND430 Next Dimension®
Automation/Part Handling Systems
Laser Welding Machines & Weld Development
Laser part marking systems
Capacitor Discharge Welding Machines & Weld Development
Robotic Accessories and Actuators
General Machining and Assembly
Production Assembly

ISO 9001, ISO14001 & QS 9000/TE Registered

Pentagear, a builder of special machines and automated systems for over 50 years, offers the ND430 Next Dimension® Gear Measurement System. The Next Dimension® has been designed with the latest in motion control technology.

The ND430 utilizes a 3-Dimensional scanning probe head to measure Tooth Alignment (Helix), Involute Profile and Index in a linearly and volumetrically compensated measuring envelope. Based around a true Windows® software platform, analysis of the inspection results can be viewed according to AGMA, ISO, DIN and User Defined Standards.

Contract analytical gear inspection is offered in an environmentally controlled gear laboratory.

Pentagear also designs and manufactures Laser and Capacitor Discharge Welding Machines, used to join gears or other components to like or dissimilar metals.

Visit pentagear.com/content/product-info/