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Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant - Sandvik Coromant is the world's leading producer of tools for turning, milling and drilling. We are represented in 130 countries worldwide. Our head office is in Sandviken, Sweden and we have 8 000 employees. We have customers throughout the metalworking field including the world's major automotive and aerospace industries, the die and mould industry and general engineering industries. In more than 25 well-equipped Productivity Centers customers learn about tooling solutions for increased productivity. We offer various programs to help you and us recognize what's best in your production - and pinpoint areas that need improvements. Our central stocking points in Europe, the United States and the Far East supply our customers directly, within 24 hours. We invest at least twice as much in research and development every year than the average company in our business.1702 Nevins Road
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Phone: (201) 794-5000
Fax: (201) 794-5257


Web: www.sandvik.coromant.com/us

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Key Contacts:
John Israelsson, President

Bjorn Roodzant, Director Communications

Company Information:
Sandvik Coromant measures success by the amount of cost savings provided to customers. The company helps customers think smart, work smart and earn smart by introducing innovative cutting tool technologies and creating programs that increase the expertise of machine programmers and operators.

As one of the world’s leading producers of tools for turning, milling and drilling, Sandvik Coromant serves a diverse array of customers in the metalworking field, including the automotive, aerospace, die and mold and general engineering industries.

Productivity Improvement Program (PIP):
The PIP represents one of the Sandvik Coromant’s most prominent and successful efforts to bolster customers’ bottom lines. The process involves a team of Sandvik Coromant Productivity Engineers meeting with a manufacturer to determine areas of production to target. Through extensive analysis of the selected applications, the team then provides suggested refinements to the existing processes. After testing the recommendations out on the shop floor, Sandvik Coromant creates a detailed report of potential time and cost savings and assists the manufacturer in implementing any beneficial changes. The PIP demonstrates Sandvik Coromant’s commitment to providing manufacturers with a true partnership, rather than the traditional supplier relationship.

Machine Investments:
Sandvik Coromant believes in helping manufacturers maximize return on investments by maximizing the potential of a machine right from the start. When a manufacturer purchases a new machine, a dedicated team of Sandvik Coromant specialists will apply experience from thousands of manufacturers to create solution matched to the customer’s unique needs and objectives. By providing assistance with time studies, turnkey projects and cost per component assessments, the team customizes a tooling package to optimize machine performance and then helps in its integration. Working with Sandvik Coromant’s Machine Investments results in reduced downtime, faster throughput, optimum efficiency and faster payment on a machine investment.

Comprehensive Solutions:
Sandvik Coromant provides dramatic productivity gains and cost savings by applying its knowledge of machining and profitability to help customer think, work and earn “smart.” Employee training moves beyond product information, focusing on the whole of the manufacturing process. Through industry expertise and value-providing tools, Sandvik Coromant representatives help manufacturers achieve their share of the U.S.’s potential $14.8 billion in tooling optimization cost savings.

Recent Innovations:
With CoroPak 12.1, Sandvik Coromant introduced a variety of new tooling innovations. The new CoroDrill® 870 Exchangeable-Tip Drill features an optimized flute geometry, self-locating mount, and an exchangeable tip for superior holemaking performance. CoroDrill® 860 is the fastest solid carbide drill for steel on the market with excellent chip control, chip evacuation, reduced cutting pressures, predictable tool life, and higher penetration rates. The CoroTap™ family delivers efficient machining of steel for through holes and blind-hole operations. The new range of multi-material Spectrum™ Turning Inserts is an easy and versatile option for machining under various conditions. These new solutions represent just a small fraction of the productivity-enhancing, cost-cutting innovations that Sandvik Coromant introduced in 2012

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