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Celanese - Supplier of polymers suitable for gearing to the injection molding industry.8040 Dixie Highway
Florence, KY 41042
Phone: (859) 833-4882


Web: www.celanese.com

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Reduce Cost, Speed Up Manufacture and Improve Performance

Engineering polymers offer many cost, design, processing and performance advantages over metal. The design freedom inherent in molding plastic allows for more efficient gear geometries than are possible with metal. Gears made of plastic typically permit a 50 to 90 percent cost reduction vs. machined metal gears, especially in large quantities.

Plastic gears weigh less than metal gears, and their relative inertness means they can be used in situations that cause metal gears to corrode or degrade. Plastic gears are more forgiving than those made of metal because plastic is more compliant and is typically quieter. In addition, the inherent lubricity of many plastics makes them ideal for computer printers, toys and other situations where external lubricants are excluded.

Celanese offers numerous plastic gear materials with a low coefficient of friction and the strength, stiffness, fatigue and wear-resistance characteristics that designers can use to optimize their gear tooth geometry. Using Celanese high-performance engineering polymers, designers have developed gears for many familiar applications, including automotive, large and small appliances, industrial tools and assemblies, electronics, medical devices, and home and garden products.

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