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Involute Simulation Softwares Inc.

10415 du Superbe
Quebec, QC G2B 2S1
Phone: (418) 843-6828
Contact: Claude Gosselin, President

Web: www.hygears.com

The HyGEARS V 4.0 software allows designing, analyzing and controlling the production of face milled Spiral-bevel, Zerol and Hypoid gears. Straight-bevel gears for forging, Coniflex, Spur and Helical gears, Face gears, and Beveloid gears are an integral part of HyGEARS. Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA), Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis (LTCA), targets grids for popular CMMs, Corrective Machine Settings, Reverse Engineering, direct 5 Axis Universal CNC programming and STEP export are integral to HyGEARS.