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Hainbuch America - For over 60 years HAINBUCH has been constantly developing new gear clamping solutions focusing on the essentials: the wants and needs of the customer. Set-up times and cost savings, flexibility, productivity, energy efficiency and security  all that you expect from gear clamping solutions.   At HAINBUCH America people don´t just work together, we are one big family. Passion, family spirit and the drive for the right innovation at the right time, that´s the mix that makes HAINBUCH America.W129 N10980 Washington Dr.
Germantown, WI 53022
Phone: (414) 358-9550
Fax: (414) 358-9560

Web: www.hainbuchamerica.com

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Modular is Standard!
Changing over from O.D. clamping to I.D. clamping without disassembling the base clamping device is done in a matter of 2 minutes with the HAINBUCH modular system. With MANDO Adapt, just place the mandrel in the mounted clamping device. Its a great time-savings solution, not to mention that MANDO Adapt is extremely rigid and precise. And best of all, its standard.

Change-over to mandrel adaptation T211 [2 min.]

Change-over to mandrel adaptation T212 [2 min.]

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