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The world has changed a lot since 3M was founded in Two Harbors, Minnesota, as an abrasive company in 1902. The company that sprung from a small abrasive business has become one of the world's most trusted and admired corporations with $30 Billion in sales, 88,000 Employees worldwide and Operations in 70 countries.

But much has remained constant, like 3M's commitment to producing quality abrasives and innovative solutions designed to help its customers succeed. Also unchanged are customer's demands for perfect surfaces. 3M remains prepared to meet those demands with its full line of coated abrasives, surface conditioning products and an expanding line of technically-enhanced power tools and quality super- and bonded abrasives. Look to 3M to bring productivity to surface modification processes, setting the pace for yet another century of abrasive advancements.

3M Precision Grinding & Finishing has the tools you need to achieve stringent geometry tolerances and finish specs, part after part, designed to meet today's tough processing challenges. From grinding-to-dimension all the way to superfinishing, we provide the automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, cutting tool, primary metal, glass and other industries with innovative solutions including Superabrasives, Conventional, Flexibles, Dressing and more.

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