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Premium Suppliers of Tool Holders

Gear Resource Technologies Inc.
Gear Resource Technologies, Inc. (GRT) has focused directly upon precision tooling needs of gear manufacturers, since 1997. We provide a highly-responsive engineering, analytical, and manufacturing resource, for the many specific tooling needs of the industry. Read more Or visit

Machine Tool Builders
MTB recontrols existing CNC machines and rebuilds manual change gear machines, such as gear shapers, hobbers, and grinders into precision machines by converting mechanical components to motorized servos with multiple axes and spindles using CNC controls. Specializing in Fellows, Fromag-Rapida, Hoglund, Kapp, Liebherr, Lorenz, Module, Pfauter, and Red Ring brands. Read more Or visit

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America
Our family of gear cutting machines shares a name and a whole lot more. Mitsubishi gear hobbers, shapers, shavers and grinders also share Mitsubishi machine construction and Mitsubishi software and have common controls. That is why only Mitsubishi gear machines--the most complete family of gear machines--can deliver the fastest CNC learning curves and the highest quality gears. Read more Or visit

Pentagear Products
Pentagear, a builder of special machines and automated systems for over 50 years, offers the ND430 Next Dimension® Gear Measurement System. The Next Dimension® has been designed with the latest in motion control technology. Read more Or visit

Star SU LLC provides the latest in gear and rotor manufacturing technology by offering a wide variety of gear cutting machinery, tools and services. Read more Or visit

Additional Suppliers of Tool Holders

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