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Technical Articles

The Process of Gear Shaving
Gear shaving is a free-cutting gear finishing operation which removes small amounts of metal from the working surfaces of the gear teeth. Its purpose is to correct errors in index, helical angle, tooth profile and eccentricity. The process can also improve tooth surface finish and eliminate, by crowned tooth forms, the danger of tooth end load concentrations in service. Shaving provides for form modifications that reduce gear noise. These modifications can also increase the gear's load carrying capacity, its factor of safety and its service life.

Lower Grinding Costs and Better Workpiece Quality by High Performance Grinding with CBN Wheels
A considerable improvement in the performance of the machining of hard to grind materials can be achieved by means of CBN wheels.

Effect of Shot Peening on Surface Fatigue Life of Carburized and Hardened AISI 1910 Spur Gears
Gear surface fatigue endurance tests were conducted on two groups of 10 gears each of carburized and hardened AlSI 9310 spur gears manufactured from the same heat of material

Feature Articles


Editorial (Publishers Page)
As I thought about what we might expect for 1986, the most important news affecting our industry is the tax revision bill just finished by the House Ways and Means Committee.

Viewpoint (Voices)
As I travel around the country visiting with many of our customers, I am finding that not only are we, as an advertiser in the journal, meeting our advertising needs, but you are also meeting those very high ideals that you put before us during that meeting.