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Gearbox System Design

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(December 6-8, 2011) Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater, Florida. The design of a gearbox system is much like a Hollywood movie production-the "stars" often get the recognition, while the "supporting cast" barely gets a mention! In a gearbox system, the stars are the gears and bearings. The supporting cast is everything else, including seals, lubrication, housings, breathers and other details. Explore the gearbox system supporting cast of characters at the Gearbox System Design Seminar. The treatment starts with basics, such as some history of design, the environment in which the gearbox must "live" and the loading to which the system will be subjected. AGMA member: $1,895 first registrant, $1,695 for additional registrants from same member company. Nonmember: $2,395 first registrant, $2,195 for additional registrants from same company.

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