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Gleason Grinder Cuts Production Times

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The Genesis 160TWG threaded wheel grinder from Gleason is capable of hard finish grinding of cylindrical gears with diameters up to 160 m...
February 4, 2009—The Genesis 160TWG threaded wheel grinder from Gleason is capable of hard finish grinding of cylindrical gears with diameters up to 160 mm emphasizing speed and flexibility. A high-speed, cam-driven, double-grip loader helps cut production times while a stock dividing sensor integrated into the grinding head speeds up setup time.


The 160TWG features several dressing systems to maximize dressing speed or flexibility depending on user preferences. A diamond-plated master dressing system incorporated into the clamping fixture is ideal for high volumes at high productivity; it can dress multi-start grinding wheels in 10-20 percent less time than traditional dressers. A CNC dressing unit with a single-flank dressing tool focuses on flexibility by creating any profile adjustment. A conventional CNC dressing unit with a double-flank dressing tool is capable of dressing both flanks concurrently.


Other features include an anti-twist capability to help control flank twist, and Gleason's VRM grinding process makes delicate kinematic modifications in the grinding process to make quieter gears.


As one of Gleason's Genesis machines, the 160TWG has a single-piece frame cast from a polymer material used for accuracy and rigidity. The platform allows for a compact footprint and requires no special lifting equipment or foundations to move the machine.

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