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Kisssoft Releases Synchronization Procedures for KISSsys

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Conventional vehicle gearboxes include a gear shifting mechanism that can be constructed with several different methods (sliding gears, c...
March 10, 2010—Conventional vehicle gearboxes include a gear shifting mechanism that can be constructed with several different methods (sliding gears, constant mesh, synchromesh, multi-disc clutching etc.). One of the most common designs is synchromesh gear shifting. The shifting between two gear speeds can be supported by the synchronizer that will adjust the speeds of the components before the actual gear engagement. 

Growing demand of special calculations for the vehicle based components has lead to a development of the synchronizer calculations in KISSsys. The synchronization procedure can be analyzed using the internal script language of KISSsys and standard calculations. For this purpose, the procedure of a Borg-Warner-type synchronizer, with its partial sequences, was implemented.

The synchronizer calculations in KISSsys are performed in two steps. First the kinematic calculation is used to determine the speed and inertia to be synchronized. After that, the actual synchronization process is calculated. The synchronization process, on the other hand, can be divided in several steps: The movement of the synchronizer toward the contact (disengage of the gear), synchronization of the speeds, the engagement of the synchronizer ring and the 2nd bump with final "free" sliding and the end of engagement. All these steps can be calculated automatically.

The synchronizer body, as well as the synchronization rings, can be visualized and positioned in the shaft modeling editor. The defined elements can also be seen in the KISSsys model layout.

After that, either the operating forces (at given synchronization time) or the required synchronization time (at given operating force) can be calculated. Further development will include the sizing of the synchronizer based on given forces and synchronization time. The KISSsys model synchronizer contains the entire process with clutching, speed synchronization and engagement.

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