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Mazak's 430A Offers Operator Efficiency

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Mazak's new Vertical Center Smart (VCS) 430A offers value across a variety of applications, ranging from heavy-duty machining to...
October 4, 2010—

Mazak's new Vertical Center Smart (VCS) 430A offers value across a variety of applications, ranging from heavy-duty machining to high-speed machining. Able to utilize both EIA/ISO programs and conversational programming, the machine integrates Mazak SMART CNC to maximize ease-of-use and operator efficiency.

The VCS 430A features a 25 hp, 12,000 rpm No. 40 taper spindle that provides a maximum torque of 70.2 ft/lbs. A tool-to-tool change time of 1.3 seconds helps optimize productivity while the 35.43" x 16.93" table provides a large machining area. A variety of intelligent machine functions further simplify operation and boost reliability and productivity. Active Vibration Control (AVC) increases accuracy and tool life by minimizing machine vibration. Intelligent Thermal Shield (ITS) further ensures accuracy by actively managing heat displacement. Intelligent Maintenance Support (IMS) aids with preventive maintenance by tracking and reporting the status of the machine's perishable items, such as filters and cover wipers.

Ergonomics received special attention throughout the design of the VCS 430A. The machine provides convenient loading and unloading of parts by offering a large front door opening of 36.22" and a tool clamp/unclamp switch located next to the spindle. Additionally, the operator door includes a top cover opening to facilitate use of a crane for materials handling.

The new Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System is integrated into the VCS 430A to deliver levels of durability and reliability that result in long-term accuracy. The Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System increases vibration dampening to extend tool life, handles higher load capacities, accelerates and decelerates quicker to shorten cycle times, consumes less oil for "greener" operations, and lasts longer with less required maintenance.

The SMART CNC control keeps operation easy by offering conversational programming and simplified set-up, allowing for the fastest possible completion of a first part. The SMART CNC control also tracks and provides detailed tool information and offers the ability to perform time study analysis of operations.

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