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Sandvik Introduces Precision Cutter for Gear Milling

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Sandvik Coromant has introduced the CoroMill 170 cutter that offers the potential for optimization of milling applications for large gear...
November 5, 2010—Sandvik Coromant has introduced the CoroMill 170 cutter that offers the potential for optimization of milling applications for large gears in modul 12-22. The cutter is specially designed to excel in this area, which has traditionally been covered by indexable inserts and HSS tools. In combination with insert grades GC 1030 and GC 4240, the CoroMill 170 can minimize machining times and the need for subsequent operations. Available in diameters ranging from 8.27" - 19.69" (8.268 mm - 19.685 mm), the CoroMill 170 features a shape designed for the highest quality of rough gear wheel profile, in accordance with DIN 867 and DIN 3972-4. Designed for one of the toughest existing metal cutting applications, the CoroMill 170 is inherently robust. The cutter provides the greatest impact on applications requiring precision and reliability in roughing operations, such as slewing rings for windmills, cranes and other heavy equipment, as well as planetary gears. Two insert geometries are offered for medium and heavy machining. Secure and stable insert seats reduce runout and improve tool life. Additionally, high performing Sandvik Coromant grades can increase metal removal rates compared to existing market standards. Each CoroMill 170 is designed specifically to fit a customer's unique needs. Inserts are stocked and available within 24 hours.

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Sandvik Coromant
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