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Degreasing Deburring and Cleaning Products Presented at German Exhibition

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Roughly 240 exhibitors will be represented when the 9th parts2clean opens its doors at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center on the 25th of Oct...
September 12, 2011—

Roughly 240 exhibitors will be represented when the 9th parts2clean opens its doors at the Stuttgart Exhibition Center on the 25th of October, 2011. And they'll present the world's most comprehensive range of products and services for requirements oriented, economical industrial parts and surface cleaning. Representative, multi-industry information and procurement offerings covering the entire process sequence will thus await the visitors - regardless of whether simple degreasing or complex micro-cleaning is involved. Beyond this, valuable know will be imparted by the integrated expert forum held in German at the leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning.

Whether degreasing, deburring, cleaning, residual contamination monitoring or temporary corrosion protection is concerned - cleanliness requirements for components, products, machines and equipment have become much more strict in recent years. At the same time, cost pressure is also on the rise. And thus manufacturing firms, as well as maintenance service providers and remanufacturers, are faced with the question of how the required levels of cleanliness can be achieved and maintained efficiently and ecologically. Roughly 240 exhibitors from 16 countries in Europe, America and Asia will provide the answers at parts2clean. Just under 15 percent of the exhibitors at this year's leading international trade fair for industrial parts and surface cleaning come from outside of Germany.

"Numerous companies will present new and further developed products targeted at optimizing the cleaning process in various applications and in different industry sectors. Primary emphasis is being placed on increased energy efficiency, process reliability and economy", reports Hartmut Herdin, managing director of event promoters fairXperts GmbH. And thus participating equipment manufacturers will showcase new systems for wet chemical cleaning which make use of aqueous media as well as solvents, and special processes such as cleaning with carbon dioxide and plasma. The range of innovations goes right on up to options for leasing the entire cleaning process. There are lots of new cleaning media waiting to be discovered as well. These include, for example, a pH neutral water-based rust-removing agent which functions at room temperature, a cleaning agent developed especially for use prior to hardening processes, aqueous media for use in photovoltaic applications and high performance barrel finishing compounds. New developments in the areas of cleaning containers and workpiece carriers contribute to reduced processing times and minimised manual parts handling. The exhibitors also have a number of innovations up their sleeves with regard to bath monitoring and maintenance systems, as well as systems for monitoring film-like and particulate contamination, amongst others reverse osmosis systems for the efficient reconditioning of process water and wastewater, devices for measuring concentrations in liquids and particulate monitoring in manufacturing environments. parts2clean exhibitors will also offer innovative solutions for effective and economic corrosion protection, preservation and packaging of cleaned parts and surfaces.

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