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Interface Available From KISSsys to MSC.Software

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KISSsys can now be imported directly into MSC.

KISSsys can now be imported directly into MSC.

October 25, 2011—

For users of KISSsys and MSC.Software there is now an interface available in order to import KISSsys models directly into MSC. Herewith the strength of both software are linked with a comfortable handling. KISSsys is a software add-on for KISSsoft in order to calculate very fast complete gearboxes, drivetrains and numerous variants including gears, shafts and bearings and other machine elements. The strength can be verified according to ISO or other standards, and space requirements fulfilled. With the versatile programming language of KISSsys, the interface to MSC was written. 

The "Adams Gear AT" Software is a Toolkit for MD Adams (MBS) which is specialized to calculate gearboxes. The Intention is to get the real load paths and values within a fully transient dynamic system simulation. These more reliable loads then can be used in the KISSsoft component durability calculation. The collaboration between KISSsoft and MSC.Software has lead to an interface that creates a set of files for Adams out of KISSsys. So far property files for teeth, structural geometries and system assemblies are transferred,which lead to a properly defined model in "Adams Gear AT". Extensions to bearing data export and more is planned. The user benefits from a complete design process which allows him to create concepts in KISSsys along with established design-standards and immediately to verify the dynamic system behaviour and critical component influences.

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