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Sicmat Releases Raso 200 Dynamic Shaving Machine

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The Raso 200 Dynamic is the first Raso machine to utilize Siemens CNC Sinumerik 828D.

The Raso 200 Dynamic is the first Raso machine to utilize Siemens CNC Sinumerik 828D.

November 10, 2011—

The Raso 200 Dynamic has been developed to offer all the characteristics of a gear shaving machine with a competitive price. With a footprint of just 4.4 square meters, it's also the most compact machine of the Sicmat Raso range. The Dynamic is the first shaving machine in the Raso family to utilize Siemens CNC Sinumerik 828D.

"The concept of the Dynamic was to introduce a machine that had the same performance and quality aspects of the Raso line at a reduced cost to the customer," says Carlo Amandola, sales director at Sicmat.

Global gear manufacturers are looking for machines that produce high quality parts at reduced prices, and the Raso 200 Dynamic fits these specifications. Amandola believes selling a gear shaving machine without additional frills is the advantage the Dynamic has in the gear market. "The Raso 200 Dynamic debuted at EMO Hannover in September with great results," Amandola says. "By updating the mechanical aspects and working with Siemens on the CNC controls, we've managed to produce a machine that is energy efficient, simple and inexpensive to maintain and also offers a competitive price."

The Raso 200 Dynamic offers all shaving cycles: parallel, diagonal, underpass, plunge and mixed cycles, user-friendly software and graphic interface, a self-contained coolant system and an optional automatic loader. High quality German components include the Siemens package (CNC, brushless servomotors and electric cabinet), Rittal active refrigeration and a Rexroth hydraulic system.

Technical specifications for the Dynamic include: number of axes 5 +1 spindle with absolute encoder, min/max module 0.8-5 mm, min/max distance between shaving cutter and workpiece 120-202 mm, min/max diameter of shaving cutter 178-245 mm, shaving cutter bore diameter 63.5 (100) mm, min/max shaving cutter width 19-50.8 mm, maximum face to be shaved (diagonal cycle) 100 mm, installed power (including pump and cooling filter) 20 KVA and a net weight (including electrical cabinet) of 4,200 kg.

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