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Cimcool Presents Oak Signature Metalworking Fluids

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The Oak Signature brand meets stringent performance, health and safety requirements.

The Oak Signature brand meets stringent performance, health and safety requirements.

November 18, 2011—

The Oak Signature brand of metalworking fluids integrates science and technology to help customers become more efficient in the manufacturing process. The proven products-which include cleaning fluids, stamping and drawing lubricants, machining and grinding fluids, corrosion preventives, and specialty products-are part of the Cimcool family of metalworking fluids. The Oak Signature brand offers a complete line of products that have been proven to lower the cost of manufacturing in many metalforming applications and that meet stringent performance, health and safety requirements. Oakform products are high-performance stamping and drawing fluids that offer proven lubricity, superior cooling and excellent corrosion control while making part cleaning easy and efficient. Oakwash products include aqueous cleaners formulated for a wide variety of industrial uses.  These high-performance cleaners, corrosion inhibitors, and specialty products include in-line spray washers, immersion systems, vibratory, deburring and general maintenance cleaners.

Oakflo high-performance water-soluble metalworking fluids, which offer proven lubricity, excellent cooling and corrosion control, have been proven to lower the overall manufacturing costs in a variety of applications including tube mill and glass grinding operations.Oaktec corrosion inhibitors are part of a full line of in-process and long-term storage RP applications. These multipurpose products are available in solvent, oil, water soluble and synthetic formulations for virtually every need and application.

Oak Signature products are designed for a full range of materials, machines and operations. Synthetics are appropriate for light to heavy-duty operations, are very clean, with no mineral oil, and offer excellent corrosion control. Semi-synthetics are suited for individual machine and central system applications and combine the benefits of soluble oils with the advantages of synthetics.  Soluble oils offer enhanced performance in difficult applications, as well as excellent physical lubrication in moderate to heavy-duty metalworking operations. Extreme pressure lubricant packages are available. Straight oils promote tool life for light to heavy-duty operations and in multi-metal applications. Extreme-pressure lubrication for severe-duty applications.


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