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Micro Precision Gear Technology Increases Machine Capacity

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Micro Precision Gear Technology recently invested in new machines from Hofler and S and T.

Micro Precision Gear Technology recently invested in new machines from Hofler and S and T.

November 28, 2011—

Micro Precision Gear Technology of Hemel Hempstead is bucking the current trend of a flat market for U.K. manufacturing and increasing capacity both for its precision gear component business and its high-precision assembly service, both driven by orders from motorsport teams and subcontract work for civil aerospace and military related hardware. Terry Grubb comments on the move, "Micro-Precision has been in business for over 30 years quietly supplying sub-contract and make complete engineering work to some of the highest profile commercial engineering operations in the world, from the latest generation of aircraft to Formula 1 cars. We have grown organically by providing an absolutely top-class service and this has now allowed us to make this latest investment in new machinery and factory expansion in order to satisfy demand."

"As engineering production becomes ever more streamlined and tolerances and materials become ever more exacting our value to our customers is on the increase, mainly because of our quality and our flexibility," he continues,"If a customer requires just one part, manufactured to the same tolerances and put through the same test regime as a larger batch would, then we can do it. Low-to-medium volume production is our current forte and having continually invested in the very latest high accuracy machines we have always been ahead in terms of accuracy and production economies."

The new machines include precision CNC Hofler gear grinding machines and five-axis S and T gear hobbing machines, alongside specialist measurement and finishing machines, all of which will be kept busy with orders from the U.K. and increasingly international customers operating global manufacturing businesses.

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