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ASM Trustee Visits Local Chapters

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Bob Hill, president Solar Atmospheres

Bob Hill, president Solar Atmospheres

February 22, 2012—Bob Hill, president of Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania, will continue his term as a trustee on the ASM International's Board of Trustees in 2012. The board of ASM is comprised of four officers and nine trustees. Three new trustees are elected by the membership every year, and each serves a three-year term. Throughout the year, Hill will visit a variety of ASM Chapters and present "Vacuum Heat Treating of Titanium in Commercial Airframes." In January and February, Hill visited the Canton/Massillon Chapter in Ohio and the Savannah River Chapter, Georgia. Additional visits scheduled to date include: March 8th at the Inland Empire chapter in Spokane, Washington; and May 10th at the Old South chapter in Greenville, South Carolina. If you are not an ASM member and would like to attend, please contact Hill at bobh@solaratm.com.

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Solar Atmospheres

Solar Atmospheres
Solar Atmospheres specializes in vacuum heat treating, vacuum nitriding, vacuum brazing as well as vacuum carburizing services. With processing expertise and personalized service, Solar will process your small or large parts efficiently with our unique range of 40 vacuum furnaces. Sizes range from lab furnaces to the world's largest commercial vacuum furnace. ...Read more Or visit www.solaratm.com