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Kapp Offers Advancements in Gear Grinding

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The ZX 1000 and KX 500 will be on hand at IMTS 2012 in Chicago.

The ZX 1000 and KX 500 will be on hand at IMTS 2012 in Chicago.

April 23, 2012—

Two grinding machines with flexible process capabilities will be on display at booth N-7036 at the IMTS in Chicago, Illinois, September 10-15 along with Kapp CBN and Diamond-plated tools, and scale models of numerous other machine types for special applications. The  KX 500 Flex demonstrates how process flexibility optimizes cost and delivery for prototype through medium-to -high volume production. The KX 500 Flex uniquely incorporates an indexing table that incorporates the direct-drive work spindle, tail-stock support, and dressing spindles. This simple design greatly improves operator access, while also enabling simple integration of automation.

Also being shown is the ZX 1000, the big brother of the KX 500 Flex. The ZX 1000 shares common machine elements and software with the KX 500, and comes standard with the same process flexibility for profile or generating grinding.  The large ductile iron bed and torque motor for high load capacity, allows high-speed grinding of "frac bull gears" with a dressable worm tool. Special gear types, such as beveloid and non-involute gears, can be ground with generating grinding.

Kapp CBN tools for direct grinding, and DIA dressers for grinding and honing, are on display as well.  Kapp and Niles application and tool design engineers will be on-site to answer questions about specific applications. Working modules will aid in understanding the different processes.

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