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IMTS Preview: Walter USA

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Walter USA will showcase several new technologies at IMTS in Chicago.

Walter USA will showcase several new technologies at IMTS in Chicago.

May 24, 2012—

Walter USA, LLC, a cutting tool manufacturer, will showcase several new technologies in Booth W-1700 at IMTS  in Chicago (September 10-15, 2012). The display of products will feature Tiger·tec Silver for turning; Walter Titex X·treme Inox solid carbide drills; Walter Prototyp Proto·max Inox solid carbide end mills; the new ValCool VPLFC low-foaming coolant; and a new generation of Walter Valenite indexable milling cutters.

Tiger·tec Silver delivers resistance to crater and flank wear, plastic deformation, considerably reduces machining times and ensures higher process reliability. The combination of three new insert grades and four new geometries developed in parallel increases tool life and boosts productivity of steel turning applications.

The new grade designated WPP10S offers the highest temperature resistance and hardness. It is suitable for processes ranging from continuous cutting to minor interrupted cuts at very high cutting speeds. WPP20S, the medium-grade, is suitable for use as a universal cutting material for processes ranging from roughing to finishing. WPP30S, the toughest of the three, brings maximum reliability to difficult applications such as interrupted cuts and unstable conditions.

In addition to the three grades, Tiger·tec Silver for turning includes four new geometries. For facing and light cuts, the FP5 provides reliable chip control during turning operations from 0.008-in. depth of cut. The MP3 geometry is suitable for medium machining. The versatile MP5 geometry was specifically designed for general machining and the RP5 geometry is designed for roughing. Walter Titex X·treme Inox solid carbide drills for stainless steel provide for a new flute profile, point geometry and TTP coating for reduced cutting force and longer tool life.

Walter Prototyp Proto·max Inox solid carbide end mills for stainless steel achieve material removal rates up to 50 percent greater than standard solid carbide end mills. These include an optimized geometry that provides enhanced stability for the cutting edges, and a special surface treatment on the shank for a firm grip. ValCool VPLFC is a heavy-duty, non-chlorinated, semi-synthetic low foaming cutting fluid which helps reject tramp oils is very clean and stable and is ideal for high pressure (1,000 psi +) applications. A new line of indexable milling cutters to enhance productivity and speeds and feeds will also be unveiled at IMTS.

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