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FMS Wins PM Award

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PM Steel Gear Race

PM Steel Gear Race

July 26, 2012—FMS Corporation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, won the grand prize in the lawn & garden/off-highway category for a PM steel gear race used in the OnTrac2 GPS-assisted steering system made for Novariant Corporation, Fremont, Calif. The system positions agricultural planting and harvesting equipment to more accurately perform tillage, spraying, and spreading as well as reducing skips and overlaps, thus reducing fuel consumption. Molded to a density of 6.7 g/cm3, the part has an ultimate tensile strength of 60,000 psi, minimum yield strength of 50,000 psi, 125,000 psi transverse rupture strength, and 23,000 psi fatigue limit. The complex net-shape design features 112 gear teeth and 16 assembly holes. In addition to a 60% cost savings over the previous machining method of making the part, the PM design reduced the assembly part count from 24 to six parts. Selecting PM also cut lead times and allowed for easier assembly and disassembly in the field. Winners of the 2012 Powder Metallurgy Design Excellence Awards Competition, sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation (an international trade association for the metal powder producing and consuming industries), were announced at PowderMet2012, the International Conference on Powder Metallurgy & Particulate Materials. Receiving grand prizes and awards of distinction, the winning parts are outstanding examples of PM's precision, performance, complexity, economy, innovation, and sustainability. The winning parts show how customers from around the world are taking advantage of PM's remarkable design advantages. PM is an automated metalworking process that forms metal powders into precision components used in applications such as auto engines and transmissions, hardware, industrial machinery, sporting goods, defense, and firearms. More than 800 million pounds of PM parts are made annually in North America.

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