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IMTS Preview: Sandvik Coromant

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The CoroMill 176 indexable insert cutter can help attendees overcome challenges in productivity, cost and accuracy.

The CoroMill 176 indexable insert cutter can help attendees overcome challenges in productivity, cost and accuracy.

August 10, 2012—

The Sandvik Coromant Smart Hub at IMTS 2012 will focus on helping attendees discover new ways to boost their business through knowledge, tooling solutions and services. With demands from the growing manufacturing industry being high, the Sandvik Coromant Smart Hub will bring visitors solutions in hole-making, gear milling, automotive, energy and aerospace.

High-tech, dedicated areas in the "must see" hub will highlight application specific tips and techniques needed to optimize programming strategies for successful manufacturing. A visit to the Smart Hub will provide the opportunity to preview some of the new developments in high-performance drilling products offering tremendous opportunities for customers to explore productive methods in various operations.

On display, the new Sandvik Coromant CoroDrill 860 solid carbide drill provides fast, economical, problem-free drilling, optimized for steel and most recently for high productivity in all types of aluminum. In addition, visitors can preview a multi-application, high-performance drill that can be used across a wide range of materials. For the exchangeable-tip drills, the CoroDrill 870 will be extended with an optimized grade and geometry for cast iron materials.

Gear milling is an area that is developing fast, and the CoroMill 176 indexable insert cutter can help attendees overcome challenges in productivity, cost and accuracy. Sandvik Coromant also invites its visitors to learn more about its unique and highly competitive machining solutions intended to provide efficient production in the automotive, energy and aerospace sectors.

The company's CoroMill Plura family sees an extension for aluminum, optimized for machining in thermoplastics, which is excellent for die and mold applications. The CoroDrill 861, on the other hand, is suitable for applications that need a stable tool for the deepest holes and is a high-performance choice for a typical cast iron engine block.

With the introduction of the CoroMill 600 at IMTS, Sandvik Coromant will now offer a full program of blade machining milling tools for the power generation industry. For demanding applications in the oil and gas and aerospace industries, a new counter bore, to be launched in October, offers high process security.

"As a market leader in the industry, Sandvik Coromant always strives to stay at the forefront of innovation by working directly with our customers to offer them the solutions they need to meet their demands," said Jamie Price, president, Sandvik Coromant U.S. "We are looking forward to interacting with our customers and being a part of this great event."

To help visitors take full advantage of tooling solutions and technologies, Sandvik Coromant will offer short technical seminars, presented by yellow coat experts. The "Discovery Express" seminars will emphasize application techniques that can be used in various operations. Topics will range from effective chip thinning to pitfalls in reconditioning.

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Sandvik Coromant
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