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Belzer Joins NTMA Executive Team

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John Belzer

John Belzer

October 25, 2012—

NTMA board of directors chairman Roger Atkins announced that John Belzer, president, TCI Precision Metals, Gardena, California has agreed to fill a vacancy on the NTMA executive team effective immediately through March 2013. Belzer is no stranger to the NTMA; he was chairman emeritus in 2002, served six years as trustee for Los Angeles NTMA training centers and has led the national budget and finance team for the last nine years.  An industry advocate, Belzer also currently serves as a board member of the National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS).

“John Belzer has been a member and ardent supporter of NTMA for over 35 years and he believes in the critical role that our manufacturing businesses play in the US economy,” said Atkins.  “We value John’s wisdom and experience; he is a very perceptive leader and we expect him to contribute to the executive team in a meaningful way.”

The vacancy on the executive team was created by the departure of John Lewis, president, Lewis Aerospace, Phoenix, Arizona who requested the NTMA board replace his seat so that he can focus on his family business.  “We appreciate John’s leadership and enthusiasm on the Executive Team this past year,” Roger observed.  “He is a courageous business leader akin to all the NTMA members and made the brave decision to focus on his business at an important moment.  I fully expect to see John at NTMA events and in leadership roles; he has a passion for our common beliefs.”


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