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Mahr Federal Offers Broad Range of Calipers

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Mahr Federal offers an extremely broad line of MarCal calipers for a wide range of outside, inside, depth, step, and compound measurement...
May 30, 2013—Mahr Federal offers an extremely broad line of MarCal calipers for a wide range of outside, inside, depth, step, and compound measurements. The MarCal line includes standard, special, and universal digital, dial, and mechanical calipers, as well as workshop calipers, depth calipers, and a line of linear machine scales with digital display.

The award-winning MarCal digital caliper line offers a number of advanced features, such as lapped guideways, a reference system that retains the zero position setting, and an increased number of product options and accessories. MarCal digital calipers offer a number of data output options, including wireless, and are available with protection against dust and immersion to class IP67. Advanced electronics provide increased battery life, and the line is available in a wide range of sizes, and blade and anvil configurations.

In addition to calipers with standard jaw designs, the MarCal line also includes a number of specially designed contact tips for measuring special part characteristics, and even jaws with replaceable and configurable contact points. Examples include cylindrically shaped jaws for exploring the wall thickness on cylindrical parts; narrow tipped jaws for measuring small grooves; jaw anvils configured to access recessed grooves, both ID and OD; tapered jaw tips designed to measure center-to-center distances on holes; adjustable height jaws to facilitate stepped measurements; knife-edge jaws with extra reach; and many more.

For users who require a high degree of versatility in their calipers, Mahr Federal offers a Universal Digital Caliper design. The MarCal 16 EWV can be used as a standard caliper, but includes a number of special blade tips, anvils and accessories that snap on for measuring a variety of groove and recess configurations. Other standard accessories include a depth measuring bridge, an ID setting gage, a device to determine measuring force, and attachments for measuring threads, balls, serrations and similar geometries. The MarCal Universal Digital Caliper includes all the standard features of the MarCal Digital Caliper line, and comes complete in a special carrying case designed to accommodate all the accessories.

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