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R&P Metrology Announces CMM Capabilities for Portable Gear Inspection

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R&P PM 750 Portable Gear Metrology System without rotary table.

R&P PM 750 Portable Gear Metrology System without rotary table.

January 13, 2014—R&P Metrology GmbH announced new measurement capabilities for the RPG PM 750/1250 Portable Gear Metrology machines. When the system is used with the available docking station, it is capable of a full range of 3D prismatic metrology. The RPG PM 750/1250 Portable Gear Metrology system now can perform CMM measuring tasks with full CNC control and lab grade accuracy.

According to Hans Rauth, president of R&P Metrology, “The docking station, with the extremely accurate rotary table, extends the use of the PM system beyond the plant floor, to the inspection lab. Not only can it use generative metrology for gear inspection, it can become a precise CMM with the customer’s choice of software.” All R&P Metrology systems adhere to the I++ (Inspection Plus-Plus) protocol and can utilize any CMM software that is compliant, such as Wenzel and Zeiss. Rauth continued, “When used as a portable system, the PM 750/1250 can measure gears of unlimited size. We offer docking stations with 3,000mm outside capability for inspection lab use for gear inspection and 3-D CMM metrology.”

When the R&P PM 750/1250 system is docked, the built-in active rotary table provides higher accuracy for form and roundness measurements, as well as faster measurement times than CMMs without an integrated rotary table. This gives customers a uniquely flexible machine with both shop floor portable gear inspection and inspection lab CMM capabilities, with high accuracy in both modes – truly the best of both worlds.

R&P Metrology designs and builds metrology equipment, concentrating on medium and large parallel axis gears, bevel gears, tools, shafts, bearing rings and 3D parts. The range starts at approximately 1.0 meter in size. R&P also offers hybrid systems that uniquely combine gear measurement with conventional CMM metrology.

All R&P machines utilize proven CNC control and analysis software, which will be familiar to users of the Wenzel GearTec systems. R&P Metrology incorporates granite guideways with air bearing slides, a benchmark for the industry. State-of-the-art linear motors drive technologies are employed for accuracy and long life.

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