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R&P Metrology Offers Special Measuring System

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R&P Metrology RPS 1350V Gear Metrology System

R&P Metrology RPS 1350V Gear Metrology System

March 7, 2014—Responding to specific customer requirements, R&P Metrology GmbH announced a new model in their full line of custom metrology systems, the RPS 1350V. Designed for ball screws and shaft parts, this system boasts capacity for 1,350mm between centers, and 1,300 mm of vertical measuring travel.

“A customer asked if we could design and build an inspection system for their specific needs. That is what R&P Metrology does, so of course we said yes,” said Hans Rauth, president of R&P Metrology. He added, “The customer produces ball screws and gears up to 600mm in diameter. The RPS 1350V is a generative, four axis gear inspection machine, and also measures 3-D CMM type features as well as profiles and forms. The X, Y and Z axes use linear motors for ultimate precision. Since the machine rests on an active suspension system, no separate foundation is required. The high precision, air bearing rotary table is mounted on a granite bed and is driven directly by a torque motor.”

The RPS 1350V achieves the highest European class for inspection equipment accuracy: VDI/VDE 2612/13 Group I. Using an industry standard CNC control system, the RPS 1350V is I++ compliant, allowing the use of many CMM inspection packages.

R&P Metrology designs and builds custom and special systems, and produces hybrid systems that uniquely combine gear measurement with 3-D CMM metrology. One example is the world’s largest CNC gear checker, the RPG 4000-5500, which measures gears with generative inspection as well as performing CMM measurements. Specializing in medium and large parallel axis gears, bevel gears, tools, shafts, bearing rings and 3D parts, R&P’s range of extreme precision custom metrology solutions starts at approximately 1.0 meter in size.

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