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Schott Systems’ New Video Highlights Bending Capabilities

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February 8, 2007—One of the newest features of Schott Systeme advanced 3D modeling tools included within its CAD CAM software is the 'Pictures by PC 3.2' video outlining how '3-D Bending' can help customers in the fields of mechanical, concept and jewelry design.

Unlike the usual modeling tools found within 3D CAD software, such as extrude, rotate and skinning, 3-D bending forms part of a set of advanced ?deformation' functions. Simple but very powerful, the user needs only enter a bend ?radius' and/or bend ?angle', in addition to the bend direction and neutral axis.

Obvious applications for such a tool include the creation of sheet metal parts, with the bending of flanges and lips. However, Schott Systeme are using their latest CAD CAM 'Tricks n Tips' video to showcase some more imaginative uses of the bending tool.

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