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Gear Industry Product News 2014

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LMT Develops Gear Runner Technology
According to LMT Fette, Gear Runner Internal realizes a pitch accuracy of quality grade 6 on existing machines without additional finishi... (posted 2014-04-18)

Mitutoyo Announces Strato-Apex574 CMM
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce the new Strato-Apex574 Coordinate Measuring Machine to its Strato-Apex line of CMMs. ... (posted 2014-04-17)

EMAG Introduces Small Grinding Center
Demand for components such as gearwheels, planetary gears, chain gears or flanged components for cars typically runs in quantities of mil... (posted 2014-04-15)

Dontyne Offers Spiral Bevel Gear Design Tools
Dontyne Systems Gear Production Suite (GPS) Bevel Gear Module is not intended to replace Gleason and Klingelnberg designs for all applica... (posted 2014-04-14)

Sandvik Offers Flexible Tooling
The CoroMill 172 and 171 disc cutting concepts adapted for gears, splines and racks enables gear profile manufacturing on most types of C... (posted 2014-04-11)

Grieve Introduces Latest Oven
No. 839 is an electrically-heated, 850°F walk-in oven from Grieve, currently used for heat treating and high-temperature batch paint ... (posted 2014-04-10)

Mahr Federafl Highlights Calipers at Quality Expo Texas
Mahr Federal will feature its lines of 16 EWRi Digital Calipers and Digital Indicators with MarConnect wireless data transmitters and Mar... (posted 2014-04-09)

Hexagon Metrology Offers Next Generation of Romer Absolute Arm
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the next generation of the Romer Absolute Arm. The enhanced portable measuring arm features optimize... (posted 2014-04-08)

KISSsoft Releases New Version of Software
On April 7th, the industrial fair in Hanover opens its doors. At the same time, the new version of KISSsoft 03/2014 will be released with... (posted 2014-04-07)

Mitutoyo Offers Sales and Support for Renishaw Probe System
Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to announce sales and support of the Renishaw PH20 probe system with the Crysta-Apex S500/700/900... (posted 2014-04-04)

Ingersoll Offers Hi-Quad Plunge Roughing Cutters
Featuring four cutting edges, the Hi-Quad Plunge offers .45" max. radial depth of cut capability (depending on corner radius). It ex... (posted 2014-04-03)

Solar Installs Furnace for Mid-Size Vacuum Heat Treating and Brazing
Vacuum heat treat services expert, Solar Atmospheres of Western PA, recently announced the installation of a new high-temperature, high-p... (posted 2014-04-02)

Siemens Releases NX Software in the Cloud
Siemens’ NX software, the company’s flagship solution for integrated 3-D computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering... (posted 2014-04-01)

PTG Offers Profile Management System
With technologies such as the Zenith 400 Rotor Grinding Center and the Holroyd TG Series of rotor grinding machines, Precision Technologi... (posted 2014-03-28)

EMCO and UltraTech Collaborate on Modular Automation Package
Machine shops of all sizes continue to seek ways to automate what they do to improve consistency, save time, and reduce cost per piece pr... (posted 2014-03-27)

Affolter Offers Gear Hobbing Center
Affolter Technologies SA presents its most recent innovation. “The GEAR AF110 sets a new benchmark in regards to flexibility, high ... (posted 2014-03-26)

Zoller Introduces Next Generation Tool Presetter
The new Smile combines decades of experience and user-oriented development with typical Zoller innovation. The state-of-the-art Zoller my... (posted 2014-03-21)

Ajax Tocco Offers Advancements in Gear Hardening
Recognizing the demand for greater equipment simplicity has motivated Ajax Tocco Magnethermic Corp. to develop and refine a customer-driv... (posted 2014-03-20)

PTG Collaborates with Sandvik on Deep Hole Machining Center
PTG Heavy Industries, the U.K.-based specialist in deep hole machining technologies, has been responsible for upgrading, installing and c... (posted 2014-03-19)

Heller Delivers Flexibly Configured Horizontal Machines
More machines than ever underscore the aim to respond to the user’s operation, not only with options and automation, but increased ... (posted 2014-03-18)

Gleason and SMT Introduce Complete Design and Analysis Software
Gleason Corporation and Smart Manufacturing Technology Ltd. have announced the release of the first phase of their strategic global partn... (posted 2014-03-17)

Abtex Offers Tri-Ten Deburring System
Abtex Corporation has designed and built the largest and most technologically advanced Tri-Ten deburring system in its 34 year history. T... (posted 2014-03-14)

KISSsoft Offers Customized Software Options
Simple and intuitive handling is the basis for comfortable and efficient work with a software. In KISSsoft, there are several possibiliti... (posted 2014-03-13)

Sunnen Releases Honing Catalogs
Sunnen Products Company has just released two new tooling/accessory catalogs for engine honing and rebuilding. The honing catalog include... (posted 2014-03-12)

Ingersoll Offers HiQuad Feed Cutter
The HiQuad XXX from Ingersoll Cutting Tools is a 30 degree bevel-high feed cutter offered in 13 mm and 19 mm IC insert sizes. Features in... (posted 2014-03-11)

R&P Metrology Offers Special Measuring System
Responding to specific customer requirements, R&P Metrology GmbH announced a new model in their full line of custom metrology systems... (posted 2014-03-07)

PTG Holroyd Produces Large Helical Profile Milling Machine
Holroyd manufactured one of the world’s biggest high precision screw rotors for a major gas compression project in the Far East usi... (posted 2014-03-06)

Gleason Introduces 300GMS at Control 2014
Gleason will introduce its latest Analytical Gear Inspection System, the 300GMS at Control ’14, taking place May 6-9 in Stuttgart. ... (posted 2014-03-05)

Brad Foote Seeks New Abrasive Grain Technology
Efficiency improvements, cost savings and better quality production are goals that any gearing company strives to achieve. However, it ca... (posted 2014-03-04)

Vomat Offers High Performance Filtration Technology
The decision for the right micro-filtration system in any metal processing operation is an important part of the manufacturing success. H... (posted 2014-03-03)

Gleason Offers Smartfit
Smartfit from Gleason is a fast, easy and economical way to optimize your existing Gleason SIGMA, GMM and GMS series machines, increase t... (posted 2014-02-28)

KISSsoft Offers Standards in the Shaft Strength Calculation
For an analytical strength assessement, in the first instance the currently valid standard has to be applied. Therefore, an essential tas... (posted 2014-02-27)

Solar Releases Vacuum Furnace Booklets
Solar Manufacturing, makers of leading-technology vacuum heat treat furnaces, recently released on their website and in printed format tw... (posted 2014-02-21)

Hexagon Introduces SF Shop Floor CMMs
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the launch of the 7.10.7 SF, a new generation of shop floor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) spe... (posted 2014-02-19)

Ipsen Ships a Variety of Furnaces
Over the last two months, Ipsen has shipped 14 vacuum furnaces. Shipments left Illinois to serve customers in three other countries &mdas... (posted 2014-02-18)

Sumitomo Releases WGX Wave Mill Series
Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.'s new WGX Wave Mill Series, used for all face milling applications, features excellent surface finish ... (posted 2014-02-17)

5ME Delivers Machining Fluids for Aerospace and Heavy Equipment
5ME's Cyclo Cool 900 series synthetic metal machining fluids utilize a unique, near-neutral pH formula developed to meet heavy-duty, ... (posted 2014-02-14)

Mahr Federal Builds Wireless Data Transmission into Calipers
Mahr Federal has built wireless data transmission into its family of MarCal Digital Calipers, making them available for the same price as... (posted 2014-02-13)

PTG to Showcase Grinding in Germany
PTG Deutschland GmbH, the German-based division of Britain’s Precision Technologies Group, has chosen GrindTec 2014 to showcase its... (posted 2014-02-12)

Walter Introduces Cut SX System
Walter has introduced the Walter Cut SX grooving and parting system, a flexible new approach for both turning and milling operations that... (posted 2014-02-11)

Sandvik to Introduce New Insert Grades
On March 3rd Sandvik Coromant will introduce new insert grades for steel turning and cast iron milling with Inveio. This technical breakt... (posted 2014-02-10)

R&P Metrology Announces 1600DS Measuring Machine
R&P Metrology GmbH announced a new model in their full line of metrology systems, the RPG 1600DS. This system is designed for gears u... (posted 2014-02-07)

EMAG Focuses on Hardening Technology
Shorter model life-cycles, increasing demands on quality, and technological innovations continue to drive developments in high-tech indus... (posted 2014-02-06)

Rex-Cut Offers Mounted Points and Abrasive Wheels
A full line of cotton fiber mounted points and Type 1 abrasive wheels that are suitable for a wide range of robotic metal finishing and s... (posted 2014-02-04)

Burka-Kosmos Offers Latest Grinding Wheel
The Mira Ice product line of gear grinding wheels was developed in order to meet the requirements of profile grinding larger gears. A new... (posted 2014-02-03)

Oelheld Introduces SintoGrind 353
Oelheld U.S. introduces SintoGrind 353, a premium gear grinding fluid formulated from pure synthetic base stocks. SintoGrind 353 was espe... (posted 2014-01-31)

Birchwood Gives Options for Water Restrictions
Metal finishers facing water restrictions now have a great new option for the black oxide process from Birchwood Tec... (posted 2014-01-30)

Walter Offers Three Parting and Grooving Geometries
Walter’s has introduced three new insert geometries that produce suitable results in parting and grooving operations. Walter’... (posted 2014-01-29)

EMAG Demonstrates Gear Production Advances
Drivers are already used to the sixth gear – and the development continues. There are plans afoot for an automatic gearbox for a ni... (posted 2014-01-28)

United Grinding to Display Innovations at GrindTec 2014
United Grinding, the largest single-source provider of complete and integrated grinding solutions, will showcase its latest grinding, ero... (posted 2014-01-27)

Oelheld Develops HSS Grinding Oil
SintoGrind HSS was especially developed for profile and flute grinding of steel alloys and in particular for High-Speed-Steel and medical... (posted 2014-01-24)

KISSsoft Releases 2014 Beta
The KISSsoft 03/2014 Beta Version has now been released for a test run. The final release will be available from April 7th, 2014 - just i... (posted 2014-01-22)

Enerpac Announces New Workholding Solutions
Enerpac announces their new E215 Workholding Catalog featuring 232 pages of valuable information on their full range of high pressure hyd... (posted 2014-01-21)

Schunk Releases New Sizes for WSG Series
The WSG series of servo-electric 2-Finger Parallel Grippers are versatile, sensitive and simple to use. They are designed for parts handl... (posted 2014-01-20)

Hexagon Releases White Light Measuring Solution
Hexagon Metrology has released the WLS qFLASH, a compact white light solution (WLS) that utilizes state-of-the-art blue light technology,... (posted 2014-01-17)

KISSsoft Offers Highlights to KISSsys
KISSsys, KISSsoft‘s system add-on, enables you to model complete gear units and drive trains (module SYS). The "KISSsys assist... (posted 2014-01-16)

Northfield Releases Model 670 Air Chuck
Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation introduces their Model 670 air chuck. This chuck has 2 sliding jaws (0.0001” T.I.R.) wi... (posted 2014-01-15)

Röhm Releases Three-Jaw Chuck
The DURO-NCSE Flex power chuck from Röhm Products of America provides a quick and simple way to change out jaws and clamping tools. ... (posted 2014-01-14)

R&P Metrology Announces CMM Capabilities for Portable Gear Inspection
R&P Metrology GmbH announced new measurement capabilities for the RPG PM 750/1250 Portable Gear Metrology machines. When the system i... (posted 2014-01-13)

Gleason Offers New Technologies at IPTEX 2014
Gleason will introduce its latest Analytical Gear Inspection System, the 300GMS along with advanced tooling and global customer support ... (posted 2014-01-09)

QuesTek Gets Second Alloy Approved for Aerospace Applications
QuesTek Innovations LLC is pleased to announce that its ultra high-strength, high-toughness Ferrium M54TM steel has been approved for inc... (posted 2014-01-08)

Walter Surface Technologies Launches CleanBox Flow
Walter Surface Technologies has announced the launch of CleanBox Flow, the newest addition to the family of Bio-Circle manual industrial ... (posted 2014-01-07)

Grieve Releases High-Temp Atmosphere Furnace
No. 854 is a special high-temperature, 2,200 degrees F electrically-heated, inert atmosphere floor furnace from Grieve, currently used fo... (posted 2014-01-06)

Solar Delivers Custom Vacuum Furnace
Solar Manufacturing recently delivered and successfully started-up a uniquely designed vacuum furnace required by a major specialized coa... (posted 2014-01-03)

Schunk Introduces Efficiency Booster for Small Part Handling
With the micro valve MV 10, you can easily boost the productivity and energy efficiency of Pick & Place applications for small parts.... (posted 2014-01-02)