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Manufacturers and Exporters of Push and Pull style Spline, Serration, Keyway, Surface, Standard Broaches and Broach Sets. We also manufacture Gear Hobs, Gear Cutters, Serration Cutters,Gear Shaper Cutter, Shaving Cutters , Milling Cutters....

Hexagon Industriesoftware GmbH
Hexagon Metrology

Articles About Hexagon

1 GT Extras (June/July 2013)

Video from Hexagon Metrology, Back-to-Basics archive, e-mail newsletter updates and what's happening on LinkedIn

2 Product News (August 2013)

The complete Product News Section from the August 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

3 Product News (January/February 2014)

The complete Product News section from the January/February 2014 issue of Gear Technology.

4 Product News (August 2014)

The complete Product News section from the August 2014 issue of Gear Technology.

5 An Emphasis on Accuracy (June/July 2011)

Meeting the many challenges of large gear inspection.

6 Product News (June/July 2013)

The complete Product News section from the June/July 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

7 Product News (October 2012)

The complete Product News section from the October 2012 issue of Gear Technology.

8 Product News (March/April 2013)

The complete Product News section from the March/April 2013 issue of Gear Technology.

9 Product News (January/February 2009)

The complete product news section from the January/February 2009 issue of Gear Technology, featuring giant-sized David Brown girth gears, gear inspection up to 4.5 meters and the latest Gleason gear grinder.

10 Hybrid Gear Preliminary Results: Application of Composites to Dynamic Mechanical Components (May 2013)

Composite spur gears were designed, fabricated and tested at NASA Glenn Research Center. The composite web was bonded only to the inner and outer hexagonal features that were machined from an initially all-metallic aerospace quality spur gear. The hybrid gear was tested against an all-steel gear and against a mating hybrid gear. Initial results indicate that this type of hybrid design may have a dramatic effect on drive system weight without sacrificing strength.

News Items About Hexagon

1 Hexagon Launches Online Tech Support (May 20, 2013)
Hexagon Metrology recently launched the new Hexagon Metrology Support Center in conjunction with World Metrology Day. The online portal i... Read News

2 Early Registration Available for Hexagon 2012 (December 20, 2011)
Hexagon 2012 brings together the latest technologies and user communities from Leica Geosystems, Novatel, Intergraph, and Hexagon Metrolo... Read News

3 Hexagon Metrology Releases PC-DMIS Gear (February 26, 2013)
Hexagon Metrology announces the release of PC-DMIS Gear 2.5, a sophisticated software module, designed for basic and advanced gear meas... Read News

4 Hexagon Metrology Debuts CNC Measuring Arm at Fabtech (January 19, 2005)
Hexagon Metrology introduced a new CNC articulated measuring arm at Fabtech that president and CEO William Gruber calls ?our version of a... Read News

5 IMTS Preview: Hexagon Metrology (June 27, 2012)
Hexagon Metrology Inc. will feature innovations in measurement automation at IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) 2012 bein... Read News

6 Hexagon Launches Portable CMM (May 30, 2012)
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the North American debut of its new Romer Absolute Arm series. The new series will be launched ... Read News

7 Hexagon Renews Contract with Red Bull Technology (May 23, 2013)
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the signing of an Innovation Partnership contract renewal with Red Bull Technology which runs until ... Read News

8 Milwaukee Machine Works Purchases Hexagon Metrology CMM (March 7, 2011)
Hexagon Metrology, Inc. has announced that precision component manufacturer Milwaukee Machine Works has purchased a Leitz PMM-G ultra-acc... Read News

9 Hexagon Releases Optiv Classic 443 tp (June 25, 2013)
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the release of the Optiv Classic 443 tp, the newest model in the Optiv Classic series. Each unit com... Read News

10 Hexagon Launches Latest Leica T-Scan (May 6, 2014)
Hexagon Metrology announced the launch of the latest generation of the successful Leica T-Scan. At more than 15 times faster compared to the previous model... Read News

11 IMTS Preview: Hexagon Metrology (July 18, 2014)
Hexagon Metrology recently launched PC-DMIS 2014, a major release of its measurement software used for the collection, evaluation, manage... Read News

12 Hexagon Highlights Automation at IMTS 2014 (July 21, 2014)
Hexagon Metrology announced it will highlight measurement automation trends at the 2014 IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show... Read News

13 Hexagon Releases HP-O Scanning Probe (September 16, 2014)
Hexagon Metrology has announced the release of the new-to-the-market HP-O non-contact scanning probe for high accuracy measurement and in... Read News

14 Hexagon Metrology Offers Next Generation of Romer Absolute Arm (April 8, 2014)
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the next generation of the Romer Absolute Arm. The enhanced portable measuring arm features optimized ergonomics... Read News

15 Hexagon Offers Leica B-Probe (November 20, 2013)
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the Leica B-Probe, an entry-level, wireless probing device which extends the capability of the Leica... Read News

16 Hexagon Releases White Light Measuring Solution (January 17, 2014)
Hexagon Metrology has released the WLS qFLASH, a compact white light solution (WLS) that utilizes state-of-the-art blue light technology,... Read News

17 Hexagon Introduces SF Shop Floor CMMs (February 19, 2014)
Hexagon Metrology recently announced the launch of the 7.10.7 SF, a new generation of shop floor coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) spe... Read News

18 Sensors Enhance Hexagon CMMs (August 6, 2010)
The Romer Absolute Arm is the latest generation of Romer portable 3-D measuring arms and the first measuring arm to have absolute encoder... Read News