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Hainbuch America
For over 60 years HAINBUCH has been constantly developing new gear clamping solutions focusing on the essentials: the wants and needs of the customer. Set-up times and cost savings, flexibility, productivity, energy efficiency and security – all that you expect from gear clamping solutions. At HAINBUCH America people donīt just work together, we are one big family. Passion, family spirit and the drive for the right innovation at the right time, thatīs the mix that makes HAINBUCH America.

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1 Minimum Setup Time, Maximum Machining Capability (November/December 2011)

Hainbuch offers workholding solutions for United Gear.

News Items About mandrel

1 New Mandrels from LeCount (February 14, 2005)
The new Type G mandrel from LeCount is designed to accomodate most between-center grind operations. A PartLocator is an optional enhan... Read News

2 Hainbuch Produces Large Mandrel With Significant Clamping Range for China (July 9, 2007)
Hainbuch GmbH produced a workholder that weights 1.3 tons and features a clamping range of up to 420 mm.According to the company's pr... Read News

3 Live Chuck Mandrel avoids center hole problems (May 19, 2010)
Center holes on roll journals often take a beating during the installation process in a mill or printing plant. Depending on the repair p... Read News