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Newsletter Impact Blocks

  • Image - JPG or GIF, 200 pixels wide X 135 pixels tall. No animation allowed.
  • Headline - Maximum eight (8) words
  • Body Copy - Maximum fifty (50) words
  • LINK - Please provide the exact URL where you want the traffic sent

Newsletter Sponsor Banner

  • JPG or GIF, 728 x 90 pixels, max. file size 50 KB

Sponsored Content (Native Advertising)

Articles placed as sponsored content should be supplied either as PDF or MS-Word documents. Articles will be published either as PDF documents or in HTML format, at the publisher's discretion.


  • Advertisers should provide both HTML format and text-only format
  • HTML should be formatted for a maximum width of 600 pixels or 800 pixels
  • All images should be provided as separate files along with the HTML, if GIF or JPG format, with a maximum file size of 50KB for any single image.
  • All links should be embedded in the HTML.

File Submission

Please submit materials to Dorothy Fiandaca, Advertising Materials Coordinator, at .

Technical Questions

Contact Megan Harrold, Digital Content Specialist, at , telephone (847) 437-6604.

For more information

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